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04-05-2013, 11:04 PM
I too would love to see more;
As posed before

-More Doff slots up to 1000!
-Duty officer mission slots (1 per 200 zen, up to an additional 20!)
-More types of duty officer packs.
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04-05-2013, 11:16 PM
1. Captain re-species token
2. More Doff Assignment slots token
3. Refine more dilithium token
4. Fixed Galaxy class starship
5. More lifetime rewards
6. Holo emitters of all ships so you can "fly" any ship you want (already posted this once but no one liked it)
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04-05-2013, 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by captainbailey View Post
1. Captain re-species token
Ditto, with the new traits and all. I'm starting to wish my Alien was a human in terms of code, especially since he's supposed to be 3/4ths human.

Not to say the other ideas are bad - some are quite good - just thought I'd plug this one.
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04-06-2013, 01:42 PM
1. More Klingon Ships
2. Ability to play as Human/Vulcan Hybrid; like Spock.
3. Ability to play as Human/Klingon Hybrid; like Bellana,
4. Ability to play as a Ktarian; like hybrid Naomi Wildman, or Etana Jol.
5. Ability to play as a Denobulan; like Doctor Phlox.
6. Voyager Era Bundle.
7. Vulcan ship D'Vahl
8. Vulcan ship T'Plana-Hath
9. A variant of the USS Enterprise-J (from ENT: "Azati Prime")
10. Hirogen hunting vessel for the Romulan faction.
11. Tier 6 ships (I'm dreaming).

BTW does anyone think that $50 is a bit extreme for a couple of ships. I can buy a game for that!
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04-08-2013, 04:28 PM
I would like to see a refit TOS Constitution so it is a tier 5 ship.
If the price was 1k each I would like a new TOS Constitution for each tier.
That way you have the full phasers and abilities from going up in ranks but can seem to be in command of the same ship through your career.

More purchasable races in each faction.
I would pay to unlock Orions (and their uniforms) for fed or when they come out romulans.

And probably wrong place, but Fed and KDF have Borg as a lifetime racial allowance. Will the romulans too?
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04-08-2013, 04:56 PM
TNG Interiors
VOY Interiors
Typhoon Cruiser
Galaxy-class U.S.S. Venture hull option (the one with nacelle phaser strips)
Batches of Fleet Ship Modules

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04-09-2013, 11:43 AM
I'd like a TNG pack with the Worf items from 25th Anniversary (missed that) and with his season 7 look. Dr. Crusher lab coat and Skants.

I'd really love a TWOK pack with more uniforms from that era. i mean 5 movies and numerous appearnces through various series and no love? really?

Maybe some new BO's. How bout them Benzites or maybe a Denobulan?
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04-10-2013, 03:38 AM
1. a captain respec species token ( i want to change my first toon i started into caitan)
2. better ships on Kdf side --> sorry but i think you would gain more kdf players with great ships) now a lot only make fed toons because there are a lot of nice fed ships out there
3. More KDF only missions. ( i was really dissapointed when i started my kdf toon when i had the same missions for kdf as i had for Fed (well most of em anyway)).
4. Playable Hirogen race (with hunting missions ) collect all the races!
5. Ok more storys for fed too
6. zen buyable emote pack
7. zen buyable more hangerslots
8. MKX111 weapons from zen store

Thats all for now folks!

greetings and salutations
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04-11-2013, 02:41 AM
My C-Store wish -Admiral rank version of the light cruiser. I have a love for the Miranda class
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04-11-2013, 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by milesvaugn View Post
I like a lot of the suggestions on this thread -- especially the costume & emote options. What I'd really like to add to the C-store wish-list is the Radiometric Converter, the TR-116 Sniper Rifle, and the Automated Defense Turret -- all updated to be scale reasonably with the character, as well as being non-unique / equip only one at a time. Such updates should be made to apply to existing versions as well, so that folks who already own them do not get short-shrift.
I just imagine a ship now with 5 of those auto-turrets.

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