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# 1 Starship Construction
04-06-2013, 06:19 AM
I come up with this idea a few days ago. Starship construction. Have a Utopia Planitia reputation system added and the first project be the starship construction unlock. Then whichever starship part you want, whether it be nacelles, hull, saucer etc. be a construction yard unlockable through a project.

So say i want an Excelsior hull, Sovereign nacelles, Connstitution saucer and Galaxy neck. I would need to do 4 projects to unlock the necessary parts for the construction. Once the parts are unlocked you go to your ship customization screen and add the parts together and when you click build it will begin another final project to construct that ship. Once that project is complete it will unlock that design for purchase at your shipyard.

Paintjobs could also be unlockable through projects in teh rep system too. So select a 2409 skin or even a custom design. Begin the project and once complete it will be unlocked in your ship customizer when you modifiy that particular ship.

Obviously you wouldn't or shouldn't be able to put Prometheus nacelles on a Defiant or something so it would be limited to certain parts that would fit the part you are using. So if i wanted to fit the nacelles from a Prometheus to a Defiant it wouldn't let me because they aren't compatible.

This could also open up a whole new way of ship building. If i fit a Galaxy hull then you gain shield power. If i fit a Prometheus saucer then a boost to weapon power. Fit Sovvy nacelles then a boost to engine power etc.

This way we will see some truly unique designs and in pvp you will never know the build or role of the enemy vessel. Just because you see a larger cruiser doesn't mean it's in a tnk/healer role. Same as a small escort size, it could be a Sci crowd control build with cannons.

I thought i'd put it out there. What do you think???  1388936372

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