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Is the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort worth getting for 65mil, when I already have a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought?

I have 134mil EC, and want to know what you guys think the next ship I get should be.
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04-06-2013, 09:28 AM
Depends on whether or not you want to utilize the consoles they come with and how you value them. Otherwise, I'd save it for the JHAS or something else that tickles your fancy.
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Maybe if the expansion was as great as they claim, people wouldn't be anywhere near Japori. Just sayin'.
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04-06-2013, 12:30 PM
The console that comes with the JH HEC is a very team oriented console and the set bonus even more so.

The set bonus affects everyone on the team, including pets. Not sure if its really worth a full 65 mil, but I have both and do like the effect still.

Now if i can get the JHAS, those 2 consoles would REALLY be lethal
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04-06-2013, 04:21 PM
I'm at 59mil and still saving. I plan to get the JHEC to strip for the console to get the set bonus.
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04-08-2013, 11:21 PM
Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
I'm at 59mil and still saving. I plan to get the JHEC to strip for the console to get the set bonus.
I decided on it as well, TBH, it's just a Dreadnought with less HP, and a loss of hanger bay in return for mobility. IMHO, it's an un-needed ship. the Dread can perform the job so much better. But, it is fun to fly as an escort.
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04-09-2013, 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by benovide View Post
Is the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort worth getting for 65mil, when I already have a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought?

I have 134mil EC, and want to know what you guys think the next ship I get should be.
Whatever you do, do not spend 300+ mil for the JHAS...its not worth it whatsoever.

I dont know much about the Jem Escort Carrier because I dont have one. I do know that it is really not a carrier just because it has 1 hangar bay..The vesta has one hangar bay and its not called a carrier.
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04-09-2013, 03:41 AM
Having flown them both now for a couple of days, my first thoughts are that I think you would be disappointed if you traded in the Dreadnaught for the Attack Carrier.

The Attack Carrier has much better manoeuvrability but looses the second hanger and swaps the 2nd Lt Cmdr Tac position for an Eng, which makes it stronger of defence but weaker on attack (this I find very odd as the ship thats more of an Escort has more engineers and the ship thats more of a cruiser has more tacticals).

I enjoy playing them both, and the Attack Carrier is good fun if you can live without Emergency Power to Shields 3 and use Eject Warp Plasma, you can make WP donuts around just about anything. But for DPS, the Dreadnaught wins, and its not far behind the Attack Ship (especially if they ever manage to put some I into the AI).

I cant comment on the consoles, which may be a deciding factor for you.
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04-10-2013, 06:41 AM
First of all, I have both ships and I tested both ships to the limit.
Both ships can be run with a Galor double aux2bat build, which can make the ship near god-like if you set it up correctly. Everyone thinks that the dreadnought would be the tank, but actually the Jem Escort Carrier is the real tank, as you can equip the universal Lt with an additional science LT (hazard emitters and shield regen). Use 3x technician and you can cut the boff skills recharge time by 50%. You can actually run EPTS III continuously if you want to. Put 5x subterfuge trait boffs, Axion deflector and reman prototype engine and you have a defense value of 96%. The adapted Maco Shield and 2x emitter arrays will give you 14.700 shields per facing. Plus the 52.000 hull (skilled), makes the escort a competitive tank (and attacker).

The DPS on the first glance would be higher on the dreadnought, but it is not true. Same amount of beams, same amount of consoles. But on the escort carrier you can use the higher manouverability to put Mine pattern Beta III and a quantum mine launcher (with 60% more crit severity). You can use Beta III and the mines every 15 seconds (with the aux2bat + technician build). One volley of quantum mines (unskilled, unbuffed), just Beta III and the mines brings a min. damage of around 48.000 and a maximum dmg of around 110.000. All unskilled. Now use Alpha III, Omega, go down fighting and other buffs, and a mine volley can do 240K dmg on crit. If xou are lucky 15 seconds later, you can repeat another 240K dmg before your buffs go into CD.

As a matter of fact, you can out-DPS the dreadnought. Of course also the dread can run this build, however due the poor manouverability, working with mines efficiently wont work.

You can run the Escort Carrier also with cannons to make some extra dps, however the manouveribility of the escort compared to a jem bug or fleet patrol escort is not so good, so I still recommend some decent beams also on the escort carrier. It can be a a good, deadly allround ship, but it will be costly to equip it perfectly.

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