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04-06-2013, 08:03 PM
Hum...I'm new to the foundry creating, may I ask a few questions?

1) Is there any chance that foundry going to be updated for this challenge to force the players to use a small craft? There will be space fighting in my mission and the story would make absolutely no sense if the player were using a starship ;_; I know I may be asking too much, but maybe just for this challenge...?

2)Can I import exist npc costume into my foundry? Say, I want to use Captain Shon of E-F in my mission, but he can not be found on any of the public map, and I can't find his uniform in the available costume list. Does that mean I can't use him as a npc in my mission?

3)How can I make the story move on after the player get defeated? Like what happened in the spotlight mission "Cause, then effect"? Players ship get killed by a bunch of enemies, after that the story move on to next map instead of repeat the plot, asking players to kill the enemies.

Any response would be appreciated<3

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