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Hello fellow Warbird Captains! The Romulan Death Squad needs you.

This is a fun laid back fleet that will be KDF Factional Aligned and allow for both Romulan and KDF players to join freely with their characters.

We're already starting our planning phases for new members, the command structure is a 3 officer High Command which consists of the Commanding Officer (CO) Executive Officer (XO) and Executive Assistant (XA).

Things Required to join The Squad

-A Ship
-A Crew
-A..... ship? lol
-A sense of Humor because pretty much its all just a game and we only play to have a good time. (See Requirement 1 & 3)
-Teamspeak 3 - Not Required but it is highly recommended because of the activity will be on this server more so then fleet chat, and we're pretty cool people on Teamspeak.
-A bottle of rum for our drunken Klingon Friends!

The primary focus of the fleet is simple, have fun, play nice, enjoy STO and this new season.

Mild PVP
Heavy PVE
Mild RP
Vocal voice chat
Easy to hang out with Commanding Officers
Always willing to help players, Returning Vets to STO right down to first time players.

The Romulan Death Squad is a sub-division of the New Republic Navy like its sister fleet the New Imperium Navy. If you enjoy being in the Romulan fleet and have an unfleeted feddie, Feel free to ask if you can sign up for it. We're not the biggest fleet in STO not by far, but we are dedicated and actually do enjoy playing the game

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