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04-07-2013, 09:48 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
not necessarily true. a bug starts with 20, and ends up around 50 with typical specing and engine speed, with no turn consoles. i think, dont have one my self.

the MVAM has 16 base, and will end up in the high 30s with no turn consoles. the +15 helps, but any turn consoles still are working off the 16 base, and it can only slot 2.

the bug still has massively more turn potential, and its easy for it to have 2 APO, not so much for the MVAM. no way to slot AtD ether on it, unlike the bug that could potentially slot 2 for the lulz.
I did a quick test of this because I was interested.
using borg engines
no RCS consoles
basic captain turn skills

bug gets low 40's 69/50, 86/70 engine power
MVAM gets high 40's 72/50

the bug with two blue mark 11 rcs console gets 51.9 turn at 69/50 engine power
my MVAM with one purple mark 12 RCS gets 51.9 turn at 72/50 engine power

This actually surprises me alot, I figured the ships would have nearly the same turn rate.

and for APO, it actually hurts you to equip two of them on an escort, try APO and APD with doffs. this sounds crazy but I tried two apo and my attack pattern uptime was less than using APO and APD.

I hope this helps
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