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04-07-2013, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
..would be laid out.

And no matter what I keep hitting pretty much the same lay out. The Starfleet faction has thier cruiser based Vesta.

Kdf version would be more of a light battle cruiser, almost a raptor.

so, right off if the Vesta has ia bunch of spiff basic systems so should the KDF soooooo............

The Tier-5 Technology Strike Cruiser (Klingon Science Ship)

Fighter Bay [sighs contenedly]
Mounts Cannon. [does happy Dance]
subsystem targetting
+10 power Aux
+5 power Weapons
Battle Cloak (yes Battle Cloak!) [yes battle cloak!]

Weapons 4 Forward, 2 Aft.
Turn Rate 15 (faster the battle cruiser, slower then most raptors, in there with Destroyers.)
Impulse Modifier 1.7

Crew 550
Hull 22,500 (fleet 25000? )
shields 1.35 (fleet 1.45 )

TAC - Lt
ENG - Lt
SCI - Cmdr
UNI - Ens (Fleet Lt)

Device slots x 3
Consoles Engineering 3
Science 4 (fleet 5)
Tactical 2

[there are 3 Vesta each with slightly differing console and bridge officer layouts, the same could be done here)

Warp Core ? (what ever is going to be standard for sci types)

Special Console... None.

SO, what we have is a ship as powerfull as starfleets Vesta but different in a Klingon way.
hull is slightly weaker, but with a frightening turn rate, and when you step on the gas she takes right off. The ship has the typical 2/3 firepower forward bias of Klingon ships which with the special effects availible to a well skilled science cptains should turn this particular ship into a nightmare for Starfleets multitude of Escort claasses. And packing some fighters along cant hurt that much of course.

I even have art work to go with this silly thing... I also don't want to make it uber powerfull either. No special Console comes with the ship. I figured Battle Cloak and a Hanger bay pretty much nixes a console to be fair. Power mods are not pure science, but then this is a KDF ship!

I'll see if I can scan my scetching sometime today and get it appended.

Khemaraa sends
I posted in a thread before I noticed this one, but personally I was thinking similar to this, except maybe dump the hanger bay and give her some more tac consoles.

I mean without some punch from the weapons the battle cloak is more defensive then really taking advantage of the buff in battle. The wouldn't really need battle cloak at all.

Maybe make her 3/3 weapon load out, 4 tac consoles, and some battle cloak. The battle cloak would give her some punch to make up for the lack of hanger the Vesta has, maybe make her a hull around 30k.

If people don't like calling it a science ship can call it a tactical scout.

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