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# 10 How about this? lol
04-07-2013, 12:32 PM
1.) Continue playing as much as I can... Fix/improve the Away Team setup! I'd like to be able to pick a formation!
2.) Continue playing as long as I can everyday! Let us got to the Gamma Quad and other Quads to explore, etc but at HIGH RISK & HIGH PROFIT!
3.) Have a 24 hour marathon day! Do more with Latinum! Ferengi are the most 'known'/'scheming'/'etc' traders throughout the galaxy... There should be a way to trade that lat for EC's and maybe open up even more 'markets.'

1.) Have at least one 24 hour marathon day by the end of the year... Increase the DOff stuff! YEAH! WE LIKE MORE STUFF!! :?)
2.) Find a few friends whom actually play STO... YEAH! Increase the area within our ships! That could help out with adding more DOff stuff and the people who like to RP. Can you say vTrek? <G>
3.) Get those friends whom actually play STO to join in on my 24 hour marathon!!! We need more "questionable" content as far as "The Federation" is concerned... IE: I'm gonna run a ton load of 'Contraband' from the Cardi sector to the Romulan sector... Kinda like a mission but not really... I mean the player would actually have to go make the deal, run the goods to the destination while running a risk of getting caught by The Fed <EG> Having your ship impounded could mean that it's gotta pay decent lol

1.) Make the DOff system available online via web page! IE: I'm at work so I can't actually play but now I can do DOff missions!!!
2.) Expand the gaming area... IE: Just like above - I can actually play DABO via webpage for one of my characters! Or I can actually play against another player or the computer - IN GAME/via WebPage - play: Strategema!!!! Or some other game.
3.) COMPLETE BUG/KNOWN ISSUE clean up... Yeah, I know...

Insure that this is the basis for all "Star Trek" stuff

Well 'they' asked and now I've responded!

Tiraz, Rand aka Corjet, Rand :?)
Veteran of: vTrek & A Call To Duty

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