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03-27-2013, 05:22 AM
I just found splitting in to 4 groups and pew pewing worked best and take a couple of minutes break while you wait for each point to respawn but each to his own. As long as you don't waste time.
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04-07-2013, 10:52 AM
A few weeks ago, I actually learned about the advanced tactic for freeing up the Rommies. This one guy spotted what I was doing and actually had the nerve to say that I was a noob because I wouldn't kill the Tholians. He then decided to just sit there and do nothing.

The tactic is sound. Because we get so few RM it's important to get all you can. The goal of the mission is to free up the Rommie ships NOT kill Tholians. The player I'm referring to is one of those who can be online playing STO all day long regardless of the day of the week. People like me only have a few hours at a time and even then maybe only on weekends. So people like you lot who share your invaluable information is a great benefit. Thanks to all of you. I hope that one day this noob will learn.
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04-07-2013, 06:29 PM
The problem with this guide is that freeing stuff as fast as possible leaves you with few or no kills, which ultimately makes this mission a really poor source of expertise and EC.

It's not like it gives very many Romulan Marks in the first place, and you still have to wait for the timer to end, so don't really help yourself much, if any.

I prefer the strategy of travelling as a blob, killing everything, and then leaving one fast ship to deactivate the beams.

Unless you get bad luck (or really bad DPS), you still can max out on marks, and you get a bunch of other stuff at the same time. Much better, and much more fun, IMO.
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04-07-2013, 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
Omg how am I the only person that knows this. Easiest way to do it and you will max every time no matter what.

All 5 players in stalker fighters you run stealth cons. And the 3 part kling honor guard/adaptive Maco and have MES as the ablity. Then you have one person on each side. And the extra guy runs to the biggest spwn. I've gotten over 100 points consistently doing this and it will be faster then anything else.

I know what your thinking OMG this guy found a use for shuttles
This is incredible. Must it be Stalker fighters, or can I run my infamous Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo build?

On a completely different strategy...

stardestroyer001's Infamous Azure Strategy for Getting Romulan Marks Like A Romulan!
Works with a PUG Group if they read the chat box. Will work GREAT if you have a premade.

SETUP: Choose one of the three setups:
Setup One: 1 small, maneuverable ship (battle cloak if possible), 4 escorts
Setup Two: 1 small ship (with BC?), 2 escorts and 2 cruisers who can gather aggro
Setup Three: 1 small ship (with BC?), 2 Escorts and 2 Sci-ships

First I should explain which asteroids are "cheater" asteroids. Once you spawn, open up your map, and look at the WEST and SOUTH asteroids. These are Cheater asteroids.

Have your group split into 3. The small maneuverable ship, hopefully with battle cloak (not a necessity though, it just makes your life easier), heads off to one of the two cheater asteroids. The other teammates split into pairs - 1 escort with 1 cruiser for example - and head to Non-Cheater asteroids.

The cruiser or sci-ship gathers aggro to themselves when they engage the Tholians. Try to use B:FAW or crowd abilities. Make sure that the enemies are following you AWAY from the spacedock. The escort sneaks in behind, preferably from below, and scans the tractors to free the ships. Rinse and repeat for all Non-Cheater Asteroids. Escorts are free to engage a single target only, if that single target is firing on them and preventing scan attempts.

The solo guy has a much harder job. You must fly to each Cheater asteroid. Drop to regular speeds when you get close. Fly underneath each asteroid, directly into the "armpit" of the asteroid. Make sure that 1) You are just within visual range and 8km of the Romulan vessel (verification: zoom camera in all the way, and try to see the Romulan ship), and 2) the Romulan ship is between you and the Tholians. Do not attempt if ANY Tholian ship is closer than around 9.2 km, especially fighters.

Scan without engaging. Once all 4 tractors are gone, turn around and head for the next Cheater asteroid.

Once Cheater Asteroid #2 is complete, double back to the first Asteroid. By this time, it is likely that the first one will be reset with a new ship.

This way, you can farm ships VERY quickly!
And that is how to Get Romulan Marks Like A Romulan!

For sci-ships: Tractor Beam Repulsors should be very good at pushing enemies away from the spacedock, if you can get in behind them at the proper angle. Running two would be very efficient.
Note that if you attempt to use the solo guy strategy on a Non-Cheater Asteroid, you will find it very difficult to do so without having pesky Tholians firing on you. Unless you know where the "sweet spot" is, do not attempt.

stardestroyer001, Admiral, Explorers Fury PvE/PvP Fleet | Retired PvP Player
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04-08-2013, 11:05 AM
Oh, you silly feds! ANR isn't a good source of expertise or gear anyway-you're after those, do SB 24 a lot, Gorn Minefield, (which also rewards Dilithium) or the 20 man Fleet Defense event (FM, Gear, expertise from kills).

ANR is one of two missions that they offer with Rommie marks that at least HAS some strategy to it-and for those of us on Red team who don't care to raise space-bunnies or help incompetent peasants collect their flowers, it's one of the few missions that contribute ANY romulan marks.

Of course, as a Klink, we have the best tool for freeing captured ships while the rest of the team hammers Tholians to their heart's content:

The Bird of Prey.

See, what you do is, first, you say "Hi" to establish commo with the rest of the (mostly Fed) pug you're in. Then, while the clock ticks down, you look about, guage distance to the furthest and nearest docks. When the start clock goes "0" you're cloaked, and moving. Scout the area fast-use (spd) engines and have your power levels set to high engine/high aux-if your team's capable of listening or thinking then you'll never have to fire a shot or boost shields-your job, is to free ships while the others distract the guards.

So you sliiiide in, behind the trapped ship, and stop engines before hitting 'disable'-the Scimitars and D'Derex's work best for this, but a Mogai makes good hard-cover too.

Whilst the Bold kirks out there are shooting at the Tholians, you're knocking tractors down. When the ship's freed, there are usually straggler tholians left-hit evasive, cloak, and move on to the next target.

Rinse, and repeat. When you spot a high-point prize (keepin' in mind that you're facing time-gates as well as a cap) you state the nature of the target in Chat before moving in-this tends to draw you some support, which makes the job a lot easier.

5 minutes/18 Rommie Mks/12 FM is about average using this tactic, sometimes more, rarely less (depending on the random ship-drop).

Best partner I've had in this was a Fed in a Kumari, who probably didn't speak english given the hour we were on-while the rest of the bunch were spending 3 minutes on 1-point ships, we cleared two Scimitars and 3 D'derix, and would've had a fourth but we hit cap. The moves were simple-almost simple enough to understand-

I would slide in and start working the tractor beams while he (or she) CSV'ed the Tholian mob and drew them out. The Tarantulas basically ignored me at that point, seeing as they had a cloud of phaser-fire and (on occasion) a big ole Andorian Phaser enema coming at them instead. The guy may or may not have noticed me calling targets, but he followed me around the map, so's it did not take long at all to get into position and get the process going.

Second best is to partner with a Carrier-I've done it with an Atrox on my wing, and a Vo'Quv, and a Fek carrier. The added cc crowd-spam was nice to have, got the poor AI REAL distracted.

Using this technique you never need more than two ships-one to draw them out, the other to free the prisoner.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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04-08-2013, 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Pretty much my idea, except without the lone roamer scanning the Cheater Asteroids as quickly as possible.

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04-08-2013, 11:30 PM
Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
Pretty much my idea, except without the lone roamer scanning the Cheater Asteroids as quickly as possible.
What can I say? I believe in the utility of the Scout position. I use a similar tactic in Arenas and C&H-fly ahead of the team, identify what the opposition is flying, and communicate that back via Team chat or Vent (depending on Pug or Premade). Since I started, teams I've been on in PvP have lost less often, even against the same opponents, so if it works in PvP, it works BETTER in Azure Nebula, where the objectives are...variable and there's a hard time-limit along with a cap on max payout-by identfying 'the best' as quickly as possible for the team, I provide them (and myself) with greater opportunities to MAKE that hard cap before teh timer clocks off.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

A Festival of Blood and Fire!

Blaming PvP for nerfs is like blaming Eudromaeosauria for today's urban crime rates.
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04-14-2013, 10:21 AM
Azure Nebula and strategy??

No strategy... just fly to the nearst asteroid, defeat the couple tholians there and then spend most of your time releasing tractorbeams...

No real challenge in Azure Rescue... I stopped doing it alltogether...

Also the Romulan Marks are way too low... Max I got from Azure Rescue is 18 Rom marks...

Pathetic, especially when the game does not let you save scimitars or d'deridex ships which give the most points of all.

Its a lame and nausiating fleet action event. No thank you m'am...

I probably forgot to say its also sleep inducing...


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