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04-07-2013, 08:54 PM
The Andorian ships are just fine.

It's only a skilled pilot in a well-geard JHAS that can make short work of it.
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04-07-2013, 09:16 PM
I agree with the majority of the posters.

The ships are not weak....the problem looks like the OP didn't look at the ship statistics and didn't know what they where getting into.

Its kind of a fact when you have a very high turn radius you have a much smaller crew, thus you regenerate a lot slower and the energy base changes are slower as well.
Even shield recharge on a ship without a lot of crew is slow.
IN addition the structure is not as good thus your hull doesn't have as much damage it can take.

The upshot is you can turn very well....and fire a lot of cannons.

Just have to remember there is a trick to all ships and for example...beam weapons...the trick is to fire very close with them...and also to remember they specialize at taking out shields.

Turrets specialty is 360 firing thus they add damage to a forward arc when on the aft position....but also can continually hit things even while you move away.

Only things that don't have a trick are the regular cannons...not really sure why they are in the game....maybe if they had a longer range...but they don't.
Sorry..i mean the non-dual heavy cannon...I never understood why they kept cannons or dual cannons in the game...when a dual heavy cannon does better.

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04-07-2013, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by casiopia254 View Post
The JHAS is crap. The Kumari 5 tac console variant is fine the way it is. I fly one, i rarely explode and if I do it is because a tac cube or Denotra hit me for 70K..that would destroy any escort, including a lolJHAS.

I suggest you learn how to play an escort better. Try different BOFF set ups, you are doing something wrong, do not blame the ship. People like the OP here remind me of a slow kid sitting in front of a TV watching Scooby Doo and slapping himself in the face...L2P

Also, the JHAS only came back again for sale as a cash cow for PWE, who were betting on the fact that the only thing it is good for is the requirement to have one unpacked to purchase the JHAS fighter hangar for the Dreadnought. End of story.

The 3 pack console setup on the kumari variant is devastating in both PVE and PVP. Pop APA3 and GDF then use overload and watch how you can take a fleet Assault Cruisers hull from 100% with full shields to 20% in 3 seconds, its fun as hell. I have acutally one shotted the bugships in PVP on many occasions. I bet they throw a fit and start crying lol.
The JHAS is crap? Either you think I'm referring to something else, or you actually think the Jem Hadar Attack Ship is crap. A ship with high hull and shield mod for an escort, higher turnrate than any other escort, moves faster than any other ship in the game (including the Steamrunner), two LT boffstations, AND has 5 tactical consoles. . .and it's crap?

Also, I fly tactical BoPs. . .I know how to tank at least somewhat with that level of ship. How nice of you to make assumptions about people you know jack s**t about. Learn to not be a jackass.
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04-07-2013, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
nice video

i always wondered why cryptic made the wing cannon platforms always facing the target but only firing with the wing cannons...never made much sense and still doesn't.
Thank you and I completely agree! What is even more funny though is that sometimes my wing cannon platforms DO fire on things my wing cannons are not aligned with at the time and other times they seem to fire of their own accord until I find them a target with my wing cannons LOL. So apparently there are still a few kinks in the system.
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04-07-2013, 10:42 PM
Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
The thing is that it really isn't really brittle or fragile, at least not more than any other Fed escorts. The Charal got better hull, better turn-rate same shields and a more defensive Boff & console setup than the Patrol escort, MVAE, Armitage or even Fleet Defiant...

Imho, the only real "glass-cannons" we have ingame are BoPs, the Aquarius and perhaps the Escort Refit.
The real "Glass" in the cannon comes from a general lack of Engineering or Science heal slots if you go full blazing guns with. However, I tend to agree that it is not that glassy compared to the REAL glass cannons out there.
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04-07-2013, 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by psychickitty View Post
beam weapons...the trick is to fire very close with them...and also to remember they specialize at taking out shields.

Only things that don't have a trick are the regular cannons...not really sure why they are in the game....maybe if they had a longer range...but they don't.
Sorry..i mean the non-dual heavy cannon...I never understood why they kept cannons or dual cannons in the game...when a dual heavy cannon does better.
By Beam Weapons you actually mean Energy Weapons more specifically...

Single Cannons have relatively high DPS and low power drain making them ideal for big slow turning ships like cruisers that need that arc + turrets in order to get as much DPS as they can without having to hold a target in a very narrow arc.

As for DC as opposed to DHC... Weeelll... The ONLY good reason to use DC's over heavies is that they fire faster and so will Proc more often. Other than that there is no reason in the world to waste your time with those.
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04-08-2013, 12:01 AM
Stretegies for glass cannons!

OK! I run a Chel'Gret build. I do not have experience with the Andorian ships. But If I had a Five forward and two rear setup would look something like this. Newer maco set just for the Mask energy signature. You can use it when you need to stay in one place for a little longer. Also on a Respec. Which I have not done. You might want to go for stealth. What I like to do is wait for the Cubes and stronger Borg to get aggroed by other players. Let them draw the attention. Then you go in from whatever angle you are comfortable with.

I would put the Borg cutting beam in the back in the 1st weapon slot. And the Romulan Hyper plasma Torpedo in the second rear slot. You are running five forward slots so you would not benefit from just one more turret. Heres what I do. I go in full blast with full speed. I unload a torpedo spread with all the energy weapons I choose to use. Then I turn around and unload the Hyper plasma torpedo (High Yield here). When running away along with the cutting beam. You go faster if you need to save your evasives for this time is more likely you will be targeted. I dont believe you will find a better combination for your two rear slots. ALso I use a subspace warp. This puts you on the otherside of the target about 3KM away. It helps evaid some weapons and puts you in a better postion to dealmore damage. But sometimes it puts you right in the fire.

You can only learn how to use it by using it. Its also great for Donatra. I go in full speed stop. And when she finally turns and targets me. Boom I am on the otherside still unloading more damage. I know about the 5k rule But if you are the one dealing the most damage. And if you don't get the hell out of the way when you are targeted you will die every time. The best strategy for Donatra is close in damage. If you use the warp on Donatra. Click reverse use the warp and then evasive manuevers. It will put you more than 5KM away really fast. You lessen the chances for cloaking. And you will be in a better postition to do damage. I balance the risk of a cloak. To doing a lot more damage than anyone else. And I also read they are fixing the longer cloak times for Donatra in a future update. They will also be changing the behavoir as well. Anyway when I play I don't worry about how much damage I can take. I worry about avoiding it all together. It is just as important to know when to attack as it is to know when not to attack. But always keep moving full throttle and save your evasives for escape.

I will not give you all my secrets as I need to keep them secret. So thats all you get for now!

Only a good pilot will be able to go long periods in a glass cannon and not die. Also every team you are on plays a little differently. You will always have to adjust your stategy accordingly. I used to die a lot. But My skills have improved so much lately. I do better all the time.

Also more on Donatra. There is a great debate on the 5KM cloak. I feel there are times you should break this rule. If you are the escort dealing the most damage. And you get targeted you are most likely to die every time. When you die you are not dealing damage. And this also makes the mission take longer. I have played KASE hundreds of times. And if I try to stay to far away I cannot out flank Donatra. If I stay to far away the damage is just too weak. If I go in close I can outflank but there is a rick of cloaking. The strategy I have spoken of above is my comprimise. Before I used the subspace wrap I had to go in closer full speed under 5KM right over the top and spin around to deal my damage.

But I cannot say enough unless you are the one targeted by Donatra don't go under 5KM. When you see Donatra do a complete 180 ignoring all other team members to target you. You will know you are the one being targed!

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