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Yes, I'm gonna talk about THAT.

Ok, I know most MMOs are about 13yo male demographic eager to see enormous polygons on their skimpy clothed characters. And yes, most developers are well aware of this, making continuous efforts to please this specific playerbase. Heck, even Cryptic did so with the giant Vulcan cleavage on the main page recently.

Still, when it comes to in-game character models I've always been honestly disturbed and somewhat disgusted with the character creator's bust slider option. In short, even at absolute minimum the chest is quite... well-endowed... Above one bar it starts to look unnatural, even for games standards, while everything above two bars is in my humble opinion disgustingly oversized. Don't even get me started on how it looks maxed out...

I was particuarly surprised with this when I saw Tasha Yar character in game... Yeah, not really the way I remember her from the show...

Ok, I know this is what most players want - giant jugs in their fantasy video games. It's their problem and one can only learn to ignore it. But still, is it asking too much to tweak the slider at least a little bit the other way, so that it would allow players to make their characters and bridge officers look a bit more natural?

Because as it is now it looks as if Starfleet forces their female officers to undergo breast enlargement therapy... As if mandatory TOS mini-skirts weren't enough...

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