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Originally Posted by benovide View Post
On competitive levels, Disruptor, Antiproton, and Phaser are the three mains. Plasma is decent if your primary focus is via procs.

But overall, Dis, Ap, and Ph, are the three primary energy types. I would heavily recommend staying away from tetryon and polaron. Phased Polaron is half and half.

Fleet weapons are the best to pursue. (Strongest weps in game next to the Quad Phaser Cannons and Quad Disruptor Cannons)

Also, learn when to GTHO, when you make your first attack run, time your abilities vs how long it'll take to complete your attack pass, and click battle cloak. If you don't kill your target in the first pass, you don't want to stick around for the retaliation. A BoP can't survive jack crap.

I've had idiots try and take my in my Dreadnought, Negh'Var, Guramba, it never ends well for them if they don't kill me in the first pass.

Beware of Science Vessels, when a player is playing in a Science Vessel, check his profile to identify if he's a Sci Officer in it, if so, avoid attack that ship in a BoP, he, most likely, will be able to detect before you even get into weapons range. And will be dead before you even decloak.

Watch out for Cruisers running dis/mine/RCS builds.

Even a Dread can turn on a dime. Don't assume because it's slow, that he's not built. I've had more idiots charge my dread thinking they can out run my turn, and then discover they are in the crosshairs of my cannons, flew into a minefield, and get 12 Orion Raiders charging up their *** before they decloak, before their buddy finishes his first pass, and their next buddy blown up after the pass, and the fourth near death.

In a Bird of Prey, you want to use hit and run, it is so vital to know what targets to take on, and what targets to stay the hell away from, and when to GTHO.

I've seen the dumbest things happen from BoP and Escort Players. Don't just charge in like an idiot, everyone will know you'll hit your torps, then high speed cannons, and will buff accordingly, followed by their own debuffs on you, I had an idiot in a B'rel get so close, I just used my assimilated tractor beam and allowed by slavers kill the fool.

Just choose your targets wisely.
Lol a dime
----=====This is my opinion you don't have to listen and no one else has to read them these "OPINIONS" are based on my exploits and my learning other people will have their opinions and that's fine just don't knock my way of doing things thanks=====----

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