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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
The trouble is, dual weapons require a forward facing. So most of the time, you have to face the enemy you shoot at , or you will be as useful as a shuttle.

You can blitz in circles around the enemy with turrets or beam arrays....but then you better go with a cruiser anyway.

A decent cruiser that is specialised for tanking is hard to find, as a lot of people want them as damage dealers.

I use 3 projectile, 1 warp core engineer and 1 damage control engineer, all purples.

I got Hazard emitters 1, transfer shield 2, ETPS 1, EPTW 1 (used to be another EPTS), Auxiliary to structural 1 (for damage resistance debuff) , and two tactical teams.

As for the ship, its a Fleet Patrol Escort with 4 hull armor consoles, and the Adapted Maco set. I used a Field Emitter and a -threat console, but I swapped the latter out for the zero point conduit because I was still always gerenating the most threat.

I got subspace device in a device slot for extra tanking.

I run with 125 weapons and 75 shield power. Weapons are 3 dhc, 1 romulan torpedo, 2 turrets and 1 cutting beam.
People like to post their gear and boff setup without mentioning the most important factor of all, their skill tree. Gear and boff abilities mean nothing without an adequate skill tree to accompany them.
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