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# 3671 How about this? lol
04-07-2013, 12:32 PM
1.) Continue playing as much as I can... Fix/improve the Away Team setup! I'd like to be able to pick a formation!
2.) Continue playing as long as I can everyday! Let us got to the Gamma Quad and other Quads to explore, etc but at HIGH RISK & HIGH PROFIT!
3.) Have a 24 hour marathon day! Do more with Latinum! Ferengi are the most 'known'/'scheming'/'etc' traders throughout the galaxy... There should be a way to trade that lat for EC's and maybe open up even more 'markets.'

1.) Have at least one 24 hour marathon day by the end of the year... Increase the DOff stuff! YEAH! WE LIKE MORE STUFF!! :?)
2.) Find a few friends whom actually play STO... YEAH! Increase the area within our ships! That could help out with adding more DOff stuff and the people who like to RP. Can you say vTrek? <G>
3.) Get those friends whom actually play STO to join in on my 24 hour marathon!!! We need more "questionable" content as far as "The Federation" is concerned... IE: I'm gonna run a ton load of 'Contraband' from the Cardi sector to the Romulan sector... Kinda like a mission but not really... I mean the player would actually have to go make the deal, run the goods to the destination while running a risk of getting caught by The Fed <EG> Having your ship impounded could mean that it's gotta pay decent lol

1.) Make the DOff system available online via web page! IE: I'm at work so I can't actually play but now I can do DOff missions!!!
2.) Expand the gaming area... IE: Just like above - I can actually play DABO via webpage for one of my characters! Or I can actually play against another player or the computer - IN GAME/via WebPage - play: Strategema!!!! Or some other game.
3.) COMPLETE BUG/KNOWN ISSUE clean up... Yeah, I know...

Insure that this is the basis for all "Star Trek" stuff

Well 'they' asked and now I've responded!

Tiraz, Rand aka Corjet, Rand :?)
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# 3672
04-07-2013, 05:10 PM
I see a lot of complaints about science being weak or off balance with everything else. here. Is a suggestion that may help.

use science class ships as tools to discover environmental benefits that can be exploited. Science ship:
Science officer can use environment to apply effects outside the ship. for example, the science ship detects protomatter and subspace disturbance in the area.
The officerr can collect the protomatter and drop it in thoe disturbance to create a tactical reaction. Any other ship only sees unknown anomalies (not equipped too analyze advanced phenomena)
Upon collection, the engineering officer gains a one time use of the collection. This would be an engineering application. example could be to apply protomatter to ships fuel tanks toboost power output for ten seconds. another could be to shunt matter through the engines to scramble sensors.
tactical officer aboard can apply a one time tactical advantage. such as apply protomatter to next torpedo to increase yield.
Each effect is available once per corresponding officer.
keep in mind its a one time use per selection. so if the engineering option is applied, then the other science n tactical. options disappear til the next collection is made.

now science officers can apply medical advantages on ground or trransport discoveries to ship to be used in space. or visa versa

when in groups or fleets, the limitations of ship stats are broke down. so a science ship teamed with an engineering ship means science can detect but both ships can collect. the engineering ship gains 2 options of engineering application and 1 tac n 1 science per officer of the correspinding type on board.
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# 3673
04-08-2013, 01:16 PM

Short term:
1) full colour choice for characters (either RGB and/or HEX) palette
2) the comm badge from Barash's Illusion
3) option to skip cut scenes

Medium term:
1) update the UI for the exchange
2) option to limit the craftable items at memory alpha
3) more varied missions in the explore sectors

Long term:
1) make it feel more Star Trek!
2) more non-combat missions
3) more customisation on the foundry - full map creation options rather than just a default (it may be I've just not found it yet, mind...!)
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# 3674
04-08-2013, 02:03 PM
Restore science abilities to both Canon and to their former usefulness (GW actually halting ships by force and causing sheer force damage to the hull of any ship that tries to fly away not restricted by shields, tyken's rift shutting down engines, feedback pulse that causes 50% to shields/100% reflected hull damage)

-separate the coded behaviors between pve and pvp
-remove the bonuses to damage that tactical skills give to science skills so that the balance to the science skills can be restored.
-restore power drain abilities on the targeting subsystem to their former levels or increase their levels on the higher level ships Tier 5 bought and Tier 5 fleet ships should have Tier II or Tier III target subsystem abilities.
-make the engineering fleet and science fleet abilities also provide the same damage modifier to their respective captain types (when tactical abilities are fixed to be a self only buff)
-Reduce the ground healing of engineer devices and make the science skills all have a minor HoT that improves when skills are slotted in the medical field.
-Make the level of the medical commendations in the Doff overview affect both the ships crew recovery rate as well as the ground healing abilities of the doctor at both Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer levels.
-Add new science abilities from the series of Voyager like Refractive Shielding, and Graveton Scan, and Subspace Submergence, there are quite a number of other science abilities involving the deflector array missing from the shows.
-Add the skin for Neutronium (which is supposed to be gold btw according to the Voyager Episode Think Tank) I had originally expected that the lifetime members of STO to have access to this hull color with the 1k veteran status.
MMO's of 2014 where normal gameplay is considered an exploit and the eastern billing model is celebrated by apologists. smh

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# 3675
04-09-2013, 07:13 PM
Please fix the random ability please
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# 3676
04-09-2013, 10:50 PM
Short Term:

Bringing back old content: I've already made a topic about this but I'd like to see the old STF's bring back, NOT TO REPLACE THE CURRENT STF's but to add in addition because they were great for story, they added into STO, they explained everything of whats going on in the STF's and in addition they tied things together from tutorial to end.

Long Term:

Adding additional interiors and area's in player starships: Currently there are three area's in a starship, bridge, crew deck, engineering, the bridges are pretty cool but for most of us who do stuff like role playing there is not enough room on our ships if we're doing a crew rp (Crew role play where players play as senior and/or junior officers of a starship.) We need more room, more area's of a starship, and more generic and cannons interiors. Cannon interiors like Sovereign interiors, Galaxy, Intrepid, etc, as well as interiors that would fit for the type of starship like a star cruiser interior, deep space science vessel interior, patrol escort. Also interiors for special ships like the Odyssey class Star cruiser, the Chimera class Destroyer, and the Multi-mission starship, and the Ambassador class starship (Also an Ambassaodor class bridge along with Excelsior class and Movie/TMP Constitution bridge). With this would need additional rooms, area's like the Cargo Bay, the Shuttle Bay, an Astrometrix lab (like the Atrometrics on Voyager and what the Enterprise had in Nemesis and Star Trek Enterprise.) Additional quarters for both VIP's, senior officers (Bridge officers), and Junior officers. A computer core area, an Armory area, useable holodecks (training like what was seen in Of Bajor or recreational area's such as Risa, bajoran/trill hot springs, other places.) a jefferies tube, and for realistic-ness bathrooms. More area's like these would be good to have in STO.
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# 3677
04-10-2013, 03:16 PM
short-term: please fix server drops/freezes asap

midterm: please rename the ranks so that the highest player rank is Captain - it is so incredibly irritating that everyone is an admiral or a general

long-term: please expand and increase foundry assets and functions

started playing at launch, took a long break

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# 3678
04-11-2013, 06:53 PM
1)Fix the broken and unmatched skin tones player characters. Some times they do not appear in-game as the way the skin tone is selected. darker skin should appear as darker skin. lighter skin should appear as lighter skin.

2) Allow for there to be a K'tarran playable race for the Federation, and with very distinct features as seen on the TV shows. This includes redesigning all K'tarran characters already in the game so that they will appear with K'Tarran horns on thier foreheads. they will have unique traits and abilities that makes sense with canon. (For KDF, add more TV show based outfits, uniforms, and body armors for a broader freedom of choice or preference.)

3) Provide a purchasable box or pack for lobi crystals only.

1) Ship Design System: to create a custom starship that is not only realistic according to the laws of Star Trek universe, but could also be playable within STO. These ships can have slots for upgrades and such just like ships already in the game, but must operate within reasonable constraints... meaning... they could match ships already in game, but with room for uniqueness and variety. Players can design their dream ship, maybe even post (the prototype) up for requisition so that other players can acquire it, test it, and even use it in missions and space battles.

2) Intricate Starship Engineering: to be able to tweak particular functions of a ship to do things a little beyond normal. (Scotty miraculously getting that extra engine boost during the more dire situations). This system could require the purchase of components or parts needed, to let the player actually tinker with the mechanics of his or her ship, but there is always a chance that things can malfunction or cease to work. this would probably be for 'very advanced players'. This could also tie in with the Ship Design System idea, allowing players to build ships from scratch.

3) Starfleet Service Selection System: Since it is (in my opinion) unrealistic to the realm of Star Trek to start one's career as an ensign in command of his or her own starship, simply establish a system where the player's character can pick or be randomly selected to serve one of a handful of active starfleet captains. This will be something like a bridge officer but in reverse, because the player is temporarily a bridge officer on whatever ship belongs to whatever captain the player selected or whatever captain and ship the player was assigned to. because of this, there will be weaknesses and strengths, bonuses and penalties, even perks and downsides for serving that particular captain. The captain will not be player-operated, probably behaving something like bridge officers do now in-game. when the player's character finally becomes the rank of captain, he or she will then be able to leave the captain they once served. Then he or she can select the first ship of his or her command. I guess the captains these players request to serve will be displayed on a list that randonly generates various and distinct types, all assigned to various ships.

1) XINDI FACTION: Since there are only five remaining races of these people, there will be only five to choose from. Insectoids, Arboreals, Primates, Aquatics, Reptillians. Each race will be sort of a sub-faction, meaning that they come with thier own style of ships with abilities unique to their kind. no race can crossover by using ships of the other race. There can also be a storyline that may fill in the gaps or explain the possibility of Xindi finally becoming an ally of the Federation (as hinted in the show ENT). I think it is possible that there can be dispute or even wars between Xindi and Federation before they actually become true allies, but this would all be futuristic or at a later date accoding to the timeline.

2) Era-Based Gameplay: There can be a total of three STO eras. the first being the current STO game we all know now. the second could be somewhere near or even during Captain Kirk's time, which would allow us to see the variaty of ships possibly used during that era in the past. the third can be in the future, a time after the current STO storyline.

3) Sandbox gameplay: If possible, also players a more 'freedom-to-act', being able to go anywhere and do anything as if it were real life in Star Trek. when i think of sandbox style game play, i think of ElderScrolls4:Skyrim and how we had plenty of freedom in a life-like way. i currently don't have details for this idea, and i don't expect STO to be anything like Skyrim. What i would expect is for STO to look, feel, and move like real Star Trek without robbing players of the thrill of playing the game for fun and love of Star Trek.
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04-13-2013, 11:56 AM
Short Term - Some way to track your combat pets. Dosn't even need to be amazing just something that says "Hey you got X of XX still alive out there."

Mid Term - Nothing really just fix'em them bugs.

Long Term - See Mid Term.
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04-13-2013, 12:30 PM
Give us a mystery. Something we have to go explore systems for Clues.

Travel to all the cities and worlds and talk to people to get clues or hints of where to look next.

And have Items to add together or give to Doffs to make other items that once all collected will unlock a mission or world with another secret item or clue that will lead you on another mission.

Something to keep people intrested, Like real Trek we have to explore and investigate.
Much like old school RPG's like Final Fansasy 7 where it took months to find the holy weps and longer to unlock them.
Make a "Holy Grail" type item, something that takes time and luck and paitence to get. For example I fly to a random system and see some Ferengi ship next to a cargo ship and then they warp out as soon as I approach. My 1st officer comments that there are traces of particle "X" in the system. If they Ferengi are looking for it then it must be valuable. Then I can go to Dronza or Quarks and ask them about it and it leads me on a hunt to find contacts and information and items to guide me on my quest to find the answers or progress in the story. Remeber how on old RPG's you would play 20 levels and get an item that you had to go all the way back to the start to use. Only to find it unlocked a Key that you then had to find the door or chest it went to. And when you found that it gave you an item that needed 3 more parts to complete?
Thats the kind of gaming that STO needs.
That is true to Trek. Almost every Trek episode is "the crew is confronted by a problem/mystery they must explore, investigate work together to overcome. The End. If this game had something like this I would play for hours everyday trying to find the next item or clue to further me on my quest. Also have it to where if you missed something orblew up a ship that you needed to save instead you have to start all over. That would keep this "uber prize" from over use or to many people getting it. Make it rare enough and extremely valuable and there are players that would go nuts trying to find/unlock it

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