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3 weeks ago i tried to buy zen from the pwe site, as i have done many times in the past, but was unable to (and still cant as of this date) as when i cash out it says my account is locked. i have read the skrill/moneybroker thread and it seems the only way to ever be able to buy zen the way i have in the past is to do some weird photo copying of ident and such and send it off to some site i've never had any dealings with in the past.
ive checked my bank and my cards fine so its not from my end. pwe isnt blocked from my what the heck is goin on here?!

it seems to me if a company wants to make money they'd make it easier, not HARDER for people to spend their money on the things they

if anyone out there can list the steps needed and the order they are needed and to exactly where all this needs to be sent please do so.u

i am very wary of doing what i have read in the other thread and am very confused after so many years of playing and buying stuff for this game.....suddenly to be told my account is locked and i have to jump through hoops just to be able to buy stuff i like.

any help is appreciated

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