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I am an enthusiast of this game, I loved it since my day one a little more than a year ago. I'm also a subscriber and proud.

While I'm aware that there could be a gazillion posts asking the same thing as mine, I want to, no I need to say it all the same:

----> This game needs a solid increase in pvp game content. New maps, new battle modes.<----

It's just amazing to see what the players have done with so little (PvP boot camp, guides etc.), but that is also because of the very high level of this game's pvp mechanic (space, a little more than ground). Cryptic succeded in creating a system where position, maneuvers, skills and a ton of other customization options count toward winning the day. Nothing like the many equipment-centric and ultimatly boring pvp systems of other games.
Cryptic here has all the cards in hand to set itself even more apart and possibly ahead of many other games also by investing in this aspect of STO.

I will continue to do pvp, because I like it nevertheless, and also because it's a steady Dil income, wheter you win or lose (this could also be reworked, not the Dil gain, that's too important, but maybe there's another way to reward winning players a bit more. Maybe another reputation tier, they seem to work pretty well after all) but I would like to see a ton more players joing in. That can be achieved only by what I stressed before: more maps, more battle modes.

Thank you for reading Cryptic.
I wrote this post because there was no mention of pvp whatsoever in the upcoming expansion or in the subsequent season ... although I really hope to be wrong on this one.

Live long and prosper.

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