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I fly a sci B'rel - Torp boat - all spec'd into torps

Primary is transphasic - putting out 5000 dmg before crits

Now I ran into a Fleet patrol escort - and kept hitting him with Breen clusters and trans

to a avg ship each mine does 2000 dmg or so.

This guy i was doing like 200 per mine - I was like WTF?

There was a tank oddy and I was taking him down to 40% hull with a Trans spread and dropping a breen on his hull

but I could not take 10% off this fleet patrol?

How is that possible?

Must have been using Jevonite hardpoints - but what other stuff - all Mono armour? and ++?

(no he was not using Aux to structrual when i was hitting him - so I count that out)

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