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I made a tactical oriented mission designed to support team attack training. I've made a lot of revisions to it since version one. It seems to have been well received so far but for a different reason than I intended.

I want to make a couple more changes to it related to the last two encounters before I submit it to Cryptic and figured since it is my first mission the people here would be able to look at it from a more tech design approach and might have some improvement tips and can explain how to do so if necessary.

I really wanted to hand pick ships but simply could not do so. Consequently I ended up going with a different design orientation. Moreover I still have no idea how to get it to qualify for dilithium and yet I see some missions that are nothing more than a barrel shot that give it so some insight there would be appreciated.

Anyway, if some of you would try it and give me some feedback that would be great.

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