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04-09-2013, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by polie05 View Post
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot
This is the first time ive seen a grammar nazi here actually.

(did it for the lulz, I aint no gramma nasi!!1!1one)
You forgot to fix the "ive"... lol.

To the OP, the idea is neat, the only thing that I kind of not like is that with the heals in the game right now, make a team of cruisers and you're the king of the hill... I think that your idea, combined with maybe scanning some stuff and capture some points would be great though, so that the tractor beam thingy won't be the only choice, this somehow requires heavy heals, which would put escorts and some scis in disadvantage.

There were so many things we proposed over the years in regards to pvp... but nobody at cryptic gave a squat... in fact all the pvp community got was new scarfs, chairs, uniforms and nonsense like that. Plus lots of promises from dstahl. And geko thinks we are some kids barely past pacifier time... Really, don't waste your breath thinking too much about those things, other than some folks from the pvp community may find them interesting, criptyc probably doesn't even read those posts (except bort and maybe couple more).
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