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# 1 Got an Idea for PvP and FA's
04-09-2013, 04:18 PM
I was in my library the other night and rereading through some of my historical naval battles books, ya I know boring stuff right but I enjoy it, and the part that leaped out at me in the various books was the disrupting or attacking of the enemies supply lines. Some wars and conflicts were solely decided on the sinking or capturing of enemy merchant/supply ships. If you don't have weapons, ammo, food, and other equipment supplied on a timely basis then it makes it very difficult to continue fighting.

I thought it would be cool if Cryptic could implement a PvP scenario based on protecting and raiding enemy freighters. My idea is on one map 5 Feds are the defenders protecting 5 freighters while 5 KDF ships try to either capture or destroy them. Another map would have the roles of the factions reversed where the KDF are the defenders and the Feds are attacking. It would be a timed engagement where the attackers try to capture or destroy as many freighters as they can in the time limit. Rewards for the attackers and defenders could be a set amount of Dil for the number of ships you either captured/destroyed or successfully defended.

This could even be setup for an FA for those who don't like PvP, same situations but the players would be either attacking or defending against game controlled ships. On an elite mode you'd have less time to accomplish a raid and more time if you were the defenders. Rewards could be dil, Doffs (prisoners), commodities, weapons, etc. The quality would be randomized with a greater chance of receiving purple gear on elite mode.

I thought this would be a good wartime PvP option. We are still at war aren't we?

What do you guys think?

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