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If you die in Ambassador easily, there is likely no ship out there that can help you. With that said, Spinal Lance is hardly something to ooooze from/about/whaterver. Considering it misses 8/10 times. Also G-X is considered one of the most poorly done ships in STO. Model with errors, bad geometry, incredibly low turn, no fleet version.
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Originally Posted by voxinvictus View Post
Fleet excelsior may be the best cruiser on fed side. Galaxy x may be the worst
Why would you say that about the galaxy x, is a very underated ship, it has way more survivability and decent fire power, I can set in the borg gates and they cant kill me, and I am shooting all weapon forward and aft weapons, and the lance is pretty decent,
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Originally Posted by captainmerzan View Post
Why would you say that about the galaxy x, is a very underated ship, it has way more survivability and decent fire power, I can set in the borg gates and they cant kill me, and I am shooting all weapon forward and aft weapons, and the lance is pretty decent,
Because if your target moves you can't really bring that firepower to bear.
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Originally Posted by omegaher0 View Post
Okay, please watch in full screen at best possible quality so you can see what I have.
Hello to You,

as far as I can tell, You did try to avoid going into the upper skill section and went for a wider selection especially in the Engineering and Science section - which might not be neccessary to that extent. There are several skills that I would have put more or, in some cases, less emphasis on as their use in game - especially on the type of ship You might be flying - and the Bridge Officer (BOff) abilites You might see in use.

This list of skill effects was a great help for my own skill distribution:

Also, I'd like to point You to the excellent skillplanner:

Using the skillplanner allows You to depict Your current ship, skill, BOff and reputation build and create a link so other players can have a look more easily and comment on it here than by watching Your (nicely done) video. In addition, You can search for other players' builds and have a look at how others tried to have a go.

So much for the general part, now Your current situation in particular.

You did put less emphasis on the damage-dealing, Tactical part of the skill distribution - and did put something in Threat creation. You did try to increase the survivability of Your ship by getting a large selection of Engineering and a few Science skills. I'd personally propose redistributing the skills - as several other players might - yet this is where the personal preferences will come into play. Please do keep in mind that there is no 'perfect' build - only several more viable ones, catering to different play styles and perhaps cut more to the situations You will encounter in the current endgame content.

Putting points in Starship Threat Control increases Your hull damage resistance by a bit - but it also makes enemies in PvE shoot at Your ship and not at the ships of other players in Your team, especially if You do use BOff abilities like Fire at Will. Which is basically a classic Tank build, allowing others to do the damage whilst taking the heat of them. I'd reduce the amount of Starship Threat Control - and try to increase either the general survivability of Your ship - or put more emphasis on the Offense.

Equipment-wise, You did a few things differently than I would have. For one, I would have gone almost all 'beam arrays' on a slow-turning cruiser - and thus discard the aft turret and torpedo launcher. You will see a lot of broad-siding with a cruiser - and some 'Fire at Will' (FaW) if possible to increase the damage, albeit dispersed over several enemies if there is more than one target. Which is something to keep in mind before using FaW.
In addition, I'd use Tactical consoles boosting the damage of Your particular energy weapon only - in this case Phasers.

Regarding the BOff abilities, I'd exchange the subsystem targeting for a TacTeam. TacTeam has one great use: it automatically allocates the available shield strength to the direction the damage is coming from. Which increases the survivability a LOT. You could even run two TacTeams1 so they would be constantly 'up', one active after another. The small damage increase is a nice bonus.
Only two '... team' abilities on a ship make sense as they do have a mutual cooldown. So it'd be either two times TacTeam1 - or one TacTeam1 and (f.e.) an EngineeringTeam3 to help with hull heals.

Cruisers using Beam Arrays have one distinct problem: Weapons Energy or the lack thereof as Beam Arrays do require more energy over time than cannons. So increasing the energy output of Your ship will be useful.

The classical method would be an Auxiliary to Battery-Build where the current Auxiliary energy will be distributed among the three other systems. As a Support Cruiser can use a Lt. Commander Science skill - this will cut into the oomph that Science station has. You can partly remedy the lack of Aux power by using Aux batteries before using a Science skill - though this does depend on the battery cooldown which is significantly longer than the science ability cooldown. The Excelsior (or Galaxy X or Assault Cruiser) do only have Lieutenant Science slots available so there'd be less of a 'loss' involved.

What is Aux2Bat - You use two Aux2Bat skills and as many Technician Duty Officers of the best quality as You can, one affordable way to get good Technicians would be the B'Tran-Cluster Colonization chain. Every time Aux2Bat is being used, You not only get more energy to weapons, shields and engine - but You also reduce the Cooldown on all other BOff abilities by up to 30%.
Combine this with Emergency Power to Shields I (two times) - to increase the shield resistance and to restore shield power and the survivability of Your ship should increase again. For the tight spots, get Reverse Shield Polarity so enemy fire does restore Your shields.

Try using keybinds to automatically activate the Aux2Bat, TacTeam1, TechTeam and Emergency Power to Shields in combination with the usual shield redistribution every time You hit (say) space bar or the movement keys (w, a, s, d traditionally). You will again find that this increases Your survivability considerably.

I tried creating an affordable Support Cruiser Refit build using what I wrote above:

Please note that the equipment I put on that ship is by no means 'required' - I went with what should be affordable on the Exchange or through the Reputation system. Feel free to exchange the two Engineering consoles with something more to Your liking.

This is my current Fleet Excelsior, making use of the Attack Pattern Omega:

Almost forgot about the energy distribution: I usually only need 95/30/25/50, combined with a few Effective (Saurian) BOffs.

I hope You do find the tips useful and perhaps we do meet in some eSTF or mission sometime!

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04-10-2013, 02:28 AM
Excelsior is the hands down winner, even just the retrofit version.

Gal-X is very much a niche ship, I have seen some great builds, and also some abysmal ones. Our fleet has a dreadnought wing that has some fun in PvP. It is not a reliable endgame cruiser however.
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I've heard it said that the Excelsior is one of the best examples of a "Kirk ship". They said this in an insulting way to to mean that it's not a team player because it can do everything on its own. I look at this as high praise: It's not forced to be a team player because it can do everything on its own.

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I'd say go with the fleet Excelsior or an Odyssey. Odyssey turns slower but is more survivable, and if you get the Operations version or the 3 pack and use Chevron sep it turns like a Sci ship.
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04-10-2013, 06:48 AM
Added Plus of Excelsior is if you do Tour The Galaxy as a routine part of your EC Regiment.

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Thank you for asking because I love Love LOVE the Excelsior look!

But damn ... only one Sci station?!
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Originally Posted by captainmerzan View Post
Why would you say that about the galaxy x, is a very underated ship, it has way more survivability and decent fire power, I can set in the borg gates and they cant kill me, and I am shooting all weapon forward and aft weapons, and the lance is pretty decent,
All of that may be true, but compared to other top end cruisers like the fleet Excelsior or the Odyssey Pack, etc, you lose out considerably on mobility and/or survivability. The Excelsior, for example, has an extra tac console, a Lt Commander Tac seat, 8 turn rate vs 6, higher inertia rating, and 10% more hull and shields. The Galaxy X just isn't a "fleet" calibre ship, though it is perfectly viable vs any PvE content. It loses out similarly to the Odyssey, which again is a T5.5 ship with more consoles, hull and shields on top of its various ship specific consoles.

I'm not saying that the margin is huge, but if I have to choose between the ability to cloak or the ability to transwarp all over the galaxy every 10 minutes, it's an easy choice, and if I have to choose between a spinal lance and actually being able to turn, I know again which one I'd choose.

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