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04-11-2013, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
It suffers from the same terminal disease that most universal consoles have, Long Cooldown Disorder.
Spot on. I tried it for a while and found I wasn't getting enough use out of it.

Originally Posted by akpa View Post
one or two observations about your build:
you have FAW and two BO. you know they all share a 15 sec coldown right? so it's logical to have only 2.

for exemple:
you use FAW and BO2 and BO3 have 15sec coldown. after that you use BO2 or BO3. after that you can use FAW again. so you don't need two BO.

in additional you have subsystem targeting with the jem'hadar dread carrier and the subsystem targeting shares a 15sec coldown with FAW and BO.

2 TT1 is better than TT1 and TSS 2. you can change the TSS 2 with HE 2 and HE 1 with polarize the hull 1.

the pets are not so great, the scorpions are the best of the best, or at least for pve. but i think you know that allready and you will farm them later after you got your sets and have t5 with romulans.

EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI is useless in my opinion. you have batteries for that and you only need one type of it - weapons battery. you need it after you died and all your power cells are empty.

you should use the isometric charge universal console for some extra damage.

RCS console is good but only one is allmost insignificant and 4 of them take too many console slots.

you said that you don't have the jem'hadar set. you don't need it. the mk xii is almost the same with the mk xi it just costs a lot more. and the maco or the omega sets are much much better.
I threw FAW in there because I ran out of ideas for for an Ens ability, and it could potentially come in handy if I wasn't on beam ability cooldown and needed to clear a high-yield torpedo.

I never use the subsystem targeting that comes integrated with the ship, so conflicting cooldowns is irrelevant there.

The Isometric Charge console isn't too bad, but it is based on Particle Generators which I'm not heavily spec'd into - and only fires in the forward arc, and has a relatively long cooldown. Not enough motivation to fit it on the Dread.

Now, about having 2x TT1... I can see how this would work, but I'm not going to sacrifice TSS, as I like how it works when I use TT/TSS simultaneously either on myself or on a team mate. I would bring this down to personal preference. Polarize Hull I don't find necessary; even when tractored by a Cube I can usually tank it out until the tractor beam deactivates. It'd be a different matter in PvP, though.

I use the EPS console so that I have good recovery aftering the Beam Overloads. It helps keep my weapons power up, providing sustained levels of DPS.
Forget the possibility of PvP, for so much has become pay-to-win, never to be balanced. Forget the promise of exploration and research, for in the grim dark future of Star Trek Online there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting publishers.

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