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Originally Posted by vegeta50024 View Post
So if I understand this right, it was already pretty clear to you guys that the Tal'Shiar are following Sela's orders right up until she "vanished" in the Featured Episode series? To me, the whole bit with the Romulan Republic is a major Retcon as far as the story goes for the federation side.
Not exactly a retcon, it's quite possible that the Romulan Republic at that point was a mere convoy of ships and that the Federation decided that the average Captain didn't need to know about it. Don't forget, as far as our captains were concerned up until the Romulan FE, the RSE was the only legitimate government of the Romulan people.

Besides, Sela probably wanted to portray herself as a strong leader to the Federation and KDF, she isn't one to allow news of an opposing government escape if she can help it.

Originally Posted by direphoenix View Post
So this blog got me thinking...

Old School Romulans are notoriously xenophobic...
The Tal Shiar is often likened to the SS/Gestapo of Nazi Germany...
Sela became the empress, backing the Tal Shiar...
...even though Sela is half human.

Sela = Space Elf Hitler?
Quite interesting seeing as Hitler himself believed in the Aryan Ideal Master Race (The entire German team in the 1934 olympics held in Berlin conformed to this ideal image and ironically went home with one of the worst home team scores since the olympics started) despite being as far from the Aryan Ideal as possible (The Aryan Ideal man is tall, blonde, handsome and broad shouldered, I shouldn't need to link a picture of Hitler).

Sela being half human makes her an abomination in the eyes of "true romulans".

Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
Which brings me to my next question: why did she bring the Tal Shiar to power? She had her own group of allies - the fleet that followed her into exile and the Hirogen. Why give the Tal Shiar power? Was it to make sure they were on her side? Was it to use their known draconian policies to contribute to her "oppression"?
The Tal'Shiar serves the Empire, Sela believed she was the Empire (another display of her arrogance), the Tal'Shiar disagreed and acted as double agents for the Iconians who were contacted by whom the Tal'Shiar believe to be the last true Emperor of the great Romulan Star Empire.

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