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As you can see, I am using turrets and cannons with scatter volley. I am not using FAW. I am not using beams.

* Weapon power is set to 100. With bonuses from Warp Core Potential, Weapon Performance, and the Galor's own +10 to weapon power, this easily hits 125 when idle.

* Emergency power to weapons (+22) is active.

* Omega weapon amp effect is active

* Current weapon power is at a mind blowingly bad 25!

The other day I respecced, trying to get a little more performance out of my ship. I started seeing significant power dips, to around 50-60, that I wasn't seeing before. I respecced again today, and now I am seeing these catastrophic dips in weapon power. It's not persistent, it was only at 25 for a moment before it crept back up. So it's like something is randomly subtracting a massive chunk of power and then I'm having to recharge it using the EPS system which is not how weapon drains work.

Anyway. Wondering if anybody else is seeing anything like this. Having my weapons randomly bottom out to the point that I'm effectively not even firing is obviously a bad thing.
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04-11-2013, 05:44 AM
I've seen it recently too. Looks almost identical to the BFaW behavior to me. Interested to see if it reduces with the 2nd change.
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04-11-2013, 04:05 PM
Answer: No.

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04-11-2013, 08:28 PM
Please, anybody, help me. This is not normal!


In power related skills, I have: (ranks / in-game points)
Warp core potential 9 / 109
Warp core efficiency 6 / 92
Weapon performance 6 / 84
Electro-plasma systems 6 / 103

Everything was fine last week. My power would dip to around 80 at the start of combat. Then I respecced and now it goes to 25 or less! The more I try and figure this out, the more it seems like at least some of my skills are not working or are even working in reverse or something bizarre.

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