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# 1 Crystaline Entity scoreboard
04-12-2013, 02:12 AM
I did parse the last 3 fights against the crystalline entity and since mostly (if not only) damage is counted towards the position on the scoreboard and the subsequent final placement i wonder if the event is kinda bugged.
Each time i did 2nd place (which is actually quite nice), still the one who got first place always was somebody you wouldn't expect. Just to clarify i did fly the fleet action with my fleet mates, so i could ask who got first place.

So the parses correlate with who actually got first place. The guy with the highest overall DPS got it. Mind you, 3 attempts isn't really a big sample size so my assumption should be taken with a bit of salt. Anyway, the parser usually shows, that some form of attack, that the crystaline entity did was attributed to a player. Like the "Matter Conversion Beam", or the "Shatter" ability. I don't know if the parser or the combatlog is at fault or how cryptic actually determines their values, but with the limited sample size is have i can vaguely guess, that making first place in that fleet action is a bit random. ... Well maybe not so much if you can clearly out DPS the Entity.

Can anybody else confirm this?

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