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Originally Posted by morkargh117 View Post
I dunno, I don't want to see Feds and Klingons using Cardassian or Borg transporter FX..this game needs to retain some kind of dignity folks.
So . . . I can make a Borg Captain in Starfleet, and have them pilot a Cardassian Galor, but having the Cardassian Beam In/Out FX to match my Cardassian ship causes the game to lose dignity?
That's absurd . . . especially with some of the mechanics & story already in place for LoR.

Example: Romulan Republic Agriculturists gaining access to SF/KDF ships, those same Romulans sharing Romulan Tech with UFP/KDF, those same Romulans helping SF/KDF fleets by contributing to their projects AND buying from those same SF/KDF Fleet Stores.

With all of that already in place, using different Beaming FX seems to me like a more LOGICAL step rather than an act which would cause the game to lose dignity.

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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
I never understood why they gave Feds the Voyager transporter effects since it was only ever seen in Voyager and everything else was always similar to TNG.
Pay attention.
Voyager came last in the timeline.
Therefore, the Voyager Beaming FX are the logical choice for any other work that takes place AFTER Voyager.
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04-12-2013, 05:05 PM
Cryptic, please pay attention. I would pay a hefty sum of Zen points for this feature so I can have the "correct" transporter effect for my Cardassian Galor class ship.

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