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Originally Posted by vermatrix View Post
once in one of the first mmo games I ever played I was just wondering around and I was ready to log off, I didn't notice that someone had snuck up to attack me as I was logging off, a week later I log back on to get flamed for having made the person stand there for a whole week waiting for me to log back on so he could kill and rob my character, so I just told him to stop dating his hand and get a life, killed his character, told him he'd always be a loser then left.
Your going to run across a lot of people in any mmo game who are basicly a bunch of 40 year olds living in their parents basement with their fake spock ears and I heart Kirk t shirts who spend their week ends inflating their girlfriends to go out to the movies. That's the sort of people who have nothing better to do in a mmo game than be a sad, pathetic little troll. Best to just ignore them.
Why couldn't that player just go and rob someone else?

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Originally Posted by vermatrix View Post
One thing I'd like to mention and I think the developers deserve thanks for is saving us from the ever annoying spam bot. The trolls can be annoying but not as annoying as logging onto a mmo game just to freeze while the chat is being constantly flooded with spam messages from bots. In the past I seen one or two spamming their go to X web site to buy zen and dilithium but not for a long time now. trolls can be annoying at times but they are just dorks that don't have a life, spam bots would be far more annoying.
agree with you about spamers.
but about trolls... they do have a life (sometimes).
a good troller should put a smile on every face and won't make you fail the stf optional, for exemple.
unfortunately this days everybody thinks they are trolls and ruin people's gameplay.
running around and saying anoying things is not an issue. you can avoid them with ignore and other options. but, for exemple, destroying a generator before we kill the cube in ISE is an action of 40yo man with a mind of a 12yo child.

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