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04-14-2013, 02:07 PM
@sander233: Thanks for the comment. That's just what I was aiming for. This particular piece was a challenge--I haven't contributed to these LC's for a while largely because I didn't have the time. But I saw the topic of this one, and had an image of the empty room, and decided I'd go for it.

This piece isn't as polished I would hoped. Most of what I've written from this character's perspective (I never actually identify him, but his name is Patrick O'Kennedy, and I have a blog of other fiction that I haven't contributed to in a while) has flowed really easily, but this one was a challenge. I guess that's because it's a major transition in his life. The stories he's telling aren't at all chronological so the next one is likely to be a little more lighthearted. I'll also likely come back and edit this one.

@everyone else: I'm happy to be back, contributing to these LC's. I'm working my way through everyone's contribution and I hope to have some comments and feedback soon.

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