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04-15-2013, 01:14 PM
and the power creep continues...

"Gold players will be able to purchase both trait and reputation respecs in the Dilithium Store at a discounted rate. We?ll also be adding a bundle of skill, reputation, and trait respecs in the C- Store at a discount."

- another (tiny) Bonus for Gold Players? (do i smell a new approach here? adding benefits for subscribers again?).

- skill and reputation respecs listed separately, hmm at the moment if you use a skill respec and click on the *reset everything* button your reputation skills will also reset [at least thats what i've heard].
I take it this will now be an extra item? costing extra zen...

hmm my 10 characters surely have made some errors in their choice of traits, so i kinda look forward to be able to change them around a bit.
but then... changing traits of TEN characters... to new stuff i am not used to yet,
that will only result in the next messed up choices.

that bit about adding / earning new trait choices later...
do we get new trait slots with those new traits then?
or free respecs?
or do we have to pay for respecs to use any traits that are added later?

...i guess that will be decided later anyway.

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