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# 1 STF Elite - Fundamental Flaw
04-15-2013, 02:05 PM
Just started doing Elite STF ground missions and I can't help but think that there have been a huge oversight with regards to the design of them.

I've been wiping over and over for the last 40mins trying to kill the Borg Queen however my group simply cannot kill it. ideally we all want to leave and call it quits as were just not going to kill it and yet if we try to leave we get a 1h leavers debuff...

For the life of me, i cannot understand why the game would punish people with an hour debuff simply because they could not kill the boss, there simply must be a way to leave a group after a certain amount of wipes without incurring any penalty.

My group finally gave up, everyone else left, i'm stuck in here alone after 45mins trying and i'm basically stuck, nobody else will join, i get debuff if i leave, why am I being punished so harshly ?

Hour and 45mins completely wasted, no reward, no desire to ever come here again.

QQ over, please, fix this issue, its beyond rediculous.

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