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# 1 Simple Question - paypal
04-16-2013, 07:15 AM
On Friday I purchased Zen using Paypal. I was hoping to get the zen for the weekend key sale, but hadn't realized there would be a delay. Not an issue. Yesterday Paypal removed the money for my purchase but it's still listed under review here on the website. So my question is, after paypal removes the money from my account, how long does it usually take for Perfect World to process everything? At this point I'm not in as much of a rush since the sale is over, but I did promise my son some extra character slots for this weekend and would like to be able to get the zen to purchase them soon.

Thanks for any replies.
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04-16-2013, 07:31 AM
From my experience PayPal >> Perfect World Zen is instant. I've never had to wait for it to be credited to my account.
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04-16-2013, 08:07 AM
Mine immediately said it was on review. Paypal said it would be 5 days before it cleared. It ended up taking 4. Perfect world is still saying it's on review. This is my first time buying Zen, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it. I'm starting to wish I'd just bought a card at Wal-Mart instead.
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04-16-2013, 08:09 AM
IIRC the first time you purchase Zen using PayPal they have to perform security checks on you account to ensure you've not been hacked.
If it still hasn't cleared I would try contacting Perfect World and give them the transaction reference number.
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04-16-2013, 08:14 AM
I actually had a similar issue the last time I purchased Zen. I didn't go through PayPal but it seemed to take a few hours before it ever was confirmed.
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