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Like the idiot I am, I (admittedly hurriedly) selected exchange instead of register. Make sure you triple-check you select the correct one (Exchange for standard purple set pieces, Register for upgraded purple set). Good job this is tribble

Devs, I know it may sound redundant given 'Register' vs 'Exchange', but can the text that tells you the specifics of the item exchange/registering be in a bold red, or at least something more obvious, for myself and my ADHD brethren, to draw one's eyes to it? Much like the Register option tells you that you will be returned your set piece, a note that the Exchange option will not return the piece would be welcome. Lowest common denominator, all that

Originally Posted by Exchange Tholian Set Piece
The Nukara Strikeforce is always in need of equipment to better fight the ever present Tholian threat.

You will be rewarded with 50 Nukara Marks in return for submitting <Tholian EV Set piece>. You will not be returned your set piece. This project may be completed once.
Originally Posted by Register Tholian Set Piece
Register your <Upgraded Tholian EV Set piece> with the Nukara Strikeforce.

You will be rewarded with 50 Nukara Marks and will receive your <Upgraded Tholian EV Set piece> back. This project may be completed once.

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