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I was soundly shot down by the Cryptic Defender's Klub when I posted that I didn't think it was fair to nerf my Andorian Phasers and only offer me a refund in Dil.

Now I have a few more facts I wish to share.

I received 126,000 Dil back from all the Phasers I bought.

I had a level I Starbase.

To raise the base to level II to get my replacement weapons cost me 15,000 XP at 18,000 Dil per 500 XP.

That was way over the refund, but now here is the real sinker.

Warning, this next image is not for the faint of heart and may put people off Starbases completely:

Did that cost enough resources!?

If you are still batting for the home team after that one, try this one to add to injury:

4 Days!?

Next time nerf the Dev, not my phasers.
If your post is anything like, "I have a sandwich so you can't be starving" it's time to rethink posting.

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