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Not sure if the author of this mission is still around, or where the original thread (if there is one) is, but this can be a warning to other players as well as a bug report to him or her.

The end of mission consists of battling three battle groups, but you can't get close to them. The first group is just barely within weapons range, and the other two well outside it. When you're flying towards them you hit an invisible wall. I spent a good 15 minutes flying full circle around the planet trying to find a way at them. I exited the mission, reentered it, and it was still bugged.

Ended up just dropping it completely.
A Trill, a Gorn, a Jem'Hadar, Bejoran and a Voth walk into a bar, and the Bartender asks "What is this a Joke?"
"Nope, just my away team" the trill replies before ordering a round for the bar.

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