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# 1 Record Runs
04-18-2013, 03:49 AM
So the guys over at DPS-5000 channel saw a very old post (5months) on the forums, showing that "record" times for space stfs were around the 10min mark left on optional, knowing that they do that even when in pugs a few of them got together and recorded quick times on the three original Space STF's with times all in excess of 12mins left on clock

Infected: The Conduit (Elite) 12:21 left

Khitomer Vortex (Elite) 12:16 left

The Cure Found (Elite) 12:33 left

in the discription of each of these vids is a link to the combatlog parser used and a downloadable combatlog.log of the encounter if you wish to use your own parser

enjoy the vids and please if you beat any of these times post a moving VIDEO of it as photos can be easily shopp

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