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04-18-2013, 04:48 PM
I run the Fleet version of this and the advice you have been given so far is very good. Running 3xAP Fleet Advanced DHC and Rom Torp forward and 3xAP Fleet Advanced Turrets rear. Stick the KHG Fed version set on and pew pew away.
I'vs gone for:
2x TT, 1of CRF, CSV, HYT, TSV and APB3.
2x EPtS
HE, TSS, GW (in that order).
This way, I can pretty much take on whatever task needs taking on in STF play and throw the odd heal around.
Suits my playstyle, but as always, take all advice with a pinch of salt till you try it yourself.
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04-18-2013, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
Three things:
1) You might want to replace tach beam with Hazard Emitters, in there. I'd say HE2 and move Polarise Hull to the ensign position - Tach beam is really underwhelming unless in a very specific build.

2) I suspect you're using 2 energy types for the procs, but you'll be even more effective choosing one and sticking to it. The energy type-specific consoles add more damage than the prefire chambers.

3) Why a Biofunction Monitor? Crew, sadly, isn't very important, as it is, and these consoles are even less effective. If you're going for the hull repair from crew, see point 1: Hazard Emitters is an excellent hull heal, and it clears plasma burn Just use a shield cap or regen console instead.

And use all energy-specific tac consoles. If using polarons, just slot 4 polaron consoles, for instance. Really. See point 2. Your torps will punch regardless of that single console.
Cool - some really good advice that I'll try out tonight

Thanks heaps,

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04-18-2013, 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by mosquito214 View Post

However, there's an update coming that fixes what happens when the section you're controlling dies. Currently, if your personal section is destroyed, the other two parts immediately despawn and re-attach when you respawn. The coming update fixes it so that they remain split and respawn with you separately, which is nice.
This fix, when it gets implemented, will make the MVAE extremely deadly in my eyes. As a primarily KDF player for PVP, the MVAE is very nasty in the hands of a competent captain, one of the best Escorts short of a JHAS. When seperated, it becomes alot more maneuverable than it already is, which is high. It gives up some for that maneuverability and there's 3 different forms of sepration for different bonuses and penalties.

The SCI LtCdr also gives the option for more survivability or offense.

The MVAE does not have the full TAC-heavy BOFF suite like the Defiant and some other Escorts. But it strikes a balance of offense with a touch of science, provides the option of seperation, highly maneuverable, and if you have the Fleet version, 5 TAC console slots. Hard to go wrong with the MVAE. It offers more things than a 1 dimensional Escort like the Defiant that has no options with its terrible ENG & SCI BOFF slots.
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04-18-2013, 08:28 PM
Thanks, this has all been very illuminating. If I do go ahead and get the MVAE (hopefully I can find the Mirror Patrol Escort on the Exchange first), then I'll definitely take all the advice given here today into consideration, especially where consoles are concerned. As far as weapons go, I'm going to give myself leeway to experiment a bit.
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04-18-2013, 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by ambassadormolari View Post
So yes, as you may have guessed from the title, I am seriously considering getting a Multi-Vector Advanced Escort now that I've reached T5. I realize that (1) Escorts in generally benefit more from a Tactical Commander than an Engineer (with the possible exception of the Escort Carrier), and (2) the MVAE, at least according to the wiki, is apparently best for a Tactical or Science character. My main reasons for wanting the MVAE, admittedly, are aesthetic: I really like the look of the Prometheus-class, and the multi-vector assault mode is really nifty (and, I would imagine, is the sort of system any Engineer would love to work with in the actual setting).

So, my question is, do you find the MVAE to be worth it? Would it work for an Engineer Captain in PVE? Or is it simply the case that there are better ships out there for me to choose from?
There is sadly no reason to be an engineer neither in PVE nor PVP in this game, the measy extra self defense doesnt go up against the awesome Tactical damage, sci is also quite useless these days, only really viable in PvP, and well perhaps the hive stf lol....
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04-18-2013, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
There is sadly no reason to be an engineer neither in PVE nor PVP in this game, the measy extra self defense doesnt go up against the awesome Tactical damage, sci is also quite useless these days, only really viable in PvP, and well perhaps the hive stf lol....
Well, it's a little late telling me NOT to play as an Engineer, I'm afraid.
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04-19-2013, 01:49 AM
Well, it's a little late telling me NOT to play as an Engineer, I'm afraid.
Same here . . . doesn't matter if Tac-types blow it up or Sci-types investigate the hell out of it, they'd only have themselves to play with if Engineering-types didn't build it in the first place (*tongue FIRMLY in cheek*)



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04-19-2013, 03:27 PM
OP - Mirror patrol escorts are piled up in the exchange and are literally cheaper than the box they came in. I'd suggest buying that first and playing around with it a bit before spending the zen for the MVA console.

I bought the MVAE retro for my Tac officer but I rarely use it because I find the HEC (Armitage) to be so much more useful and versatile (and prettier), and six fighter pets actually deal more damage than two MVA sections and can be replaced much more quickly.

But when I do pull out my MVAE I always have a good time with it.

Originally Posted by momaw View Post
The thing that makes me shiver and walk the other way in regards to the "multi vector" feature is that the pets don't seem to stay in formation. If they formed up in a nice V at your 4 and 7 and shot at whatever you were shooting at, like a heavily armored variation of the Kumari's "wing cannons", it would be a fascinating ship. As it is all I can see happening is your ship vectors going haywire, then catching a random borg torp and exploding.

Unless somebody can allay this concern...
They do shoot at whatever you're currently targeting (or escort if your target is a friendly) but they don't stay in formation. But they do a better job of staying alive than most other pets and you can take over different sections while separated. I like to attack with the Alpha section (increased shields) or Beta section (increased weapons power) then switch the Gamma (increased aux) to throw heals around.
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Since your an engineer it won't be as good because of lack of tactical initiative and extra damage buffs but here's what I use.

Tactical - Commander - HYT I, APB I, C:RF II, APO III
Tactical - Lieutenant - TS I, C:SV I
Tactical - Ensign - TT I
Engineering - Lieutenant - EPtS I, Aux to Structural II
Science - Lt Commander - HE I, Transfer Shield Strength II, Gravity Well I

2 x purple Conn Officer to reduce TT 1 cooldown to 15 seconds so you only need 1 copy, also buffs attack patterns
2 x Shield Distribution Officer to give chance to heal shields when using Brace for Impact
1 x Gravity Well Officer until I find something I prefer more

This gives you 2 hull heals and 3 shield heals none of which share a cooldown.

My typical attack rotation is Gravity Well + TT I + TS I + CSV + APB I (plus Tac Damage Buffs) followed by TT I + HYT I + C:RF II + APO III to finish anything left.

Normally If I want more single or group firepower I use tac initiative and spam one of the above groups.

Also don't use a mix of damage types or anything too fancy. Go with 3 x DHC and 1 torp and match the Tac consoles to the DHC. For Torpedo I use the Hyper Plasma Torpedo with console.

The above isn't perfect and I tweak it every so often, but it's pretty effective.
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04-19-2013, 06:54 PM
When I got lvl 50 I chose the advanced escort, when the MVAE released I bought it, now I have the fleet advanced escort. I have other ships I sometimes fly ocassionally, but essentially I have flown the same ship for 3 years, and its still fun.

My advice is, if you think you would have fun flying that ship then go for it.
my engineer flys the galaxy x dreadnought, sure its turn rate sucks and the spinal lance is rarely used, but that thing tanks like a rock for ESTF.
Captain Moe
U.S.S. Prometheus
Fleet Multi Vector Advanced Escort
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