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# 1 Closed beta Romulan Report
04-18-2013, 07:38 PM
Well firstly, damn thanks for letting me be one of the first to test this out, Character creation was pretty much perfect no glitchs that i could see, then when i clicked GO to launch the campain, the TYPING "Which is probably going to be Voice overed" Went to quickly and i couldn't read it all in time i got though the first inital ground with out any worry what so ever, story behind it was fantastic, if sto had launched this good i would be shocked to see where you are now now, my first REAL issue happened when i went to D'Tans Base for the first time just after joining the romulan republic, the first part of the cut scene where you meet D'Tan,...Well no one was there just an empty room lol...ok apart from that i am speachless, wow i can't wait, and the Suliban being in it, and the HELIX,,, JUST HOLY 5H1T i'll keep posted on things i find

*On a personal note, I am a 3d modeler for the startrek legacy and bridge commander games, though the content i have found so far and the quality of the other ships are impressive, i find the TOS bop lacking, i can count so many issues with it, its unreal, but if im going to leave it as it is, i must ask 1-where are the Decals that should be on the top of the wings, and the end of the tail....the other 10 to 15 things i could just leave be, except maybe the 4 impulse engines at the aft and the rear visable torpedo launcher I know u wont change the model before release, but other than that i love it so far, well done guys
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# 2
04-18-2013, 08:22 PM
As a first time beta tester of anything, what should I be doing?
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# 3
04-18-2013, 09:34 PM
One suggestion of something I see you cannot train the allied faction boffs at the flottila boff trainer. Hadn't realized why it wasn't me train this orion till I realized the problem. My suggestion would be to be able to train it either qo'nos or the flottilla since I can see it causing some trouble.

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