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04-18-2013, 10:27 PM
So far I'm really impressed by what's on Tribble, dare I say Good Job!

Here is a few thoughts, old and new, and also a few issues on Tribble I've encountered day 1 in closed beta.

Character Windows

The 3D renderering of the characters is awesome, but it feels unfinished.
Perhaps make them wider (all the way behind equipment slots) and add some background, customizable?

NPC Dialog Windows

The new windows looks and acts great, I love how they pops into existance, perhaps make it a tiny bit zoomed out from the NPC's faces though, scroll zoom?


The way we can now track other players on the maps is great, it would be cool if we also could change how/what it tracks in Settings.
Example: I want to have all NPC vendors marked with a green dot, I could set that preference.

The new Objective areas are much easier to see, and I think alot of players would appreciate if we could set our own color for those too.
Is it possible to add coordinates and maybe waypoints to the maps?


It would be great to be able Show/Hide specific flyby messages, like when someone logs in or some person aquired some ship.


It would be really cool if we could click/drag an emote from the menu and slot them into the action bars.

And perhaps also use this to make custom chat emotes.
Example: Type something in chat, click/drag it to action bar and voila (text macro thingy)!


I'd love the option to be able just hold a key, like shift and doubleclick something at a vendor to buy a full stack.


When buying consumables the amount slider can't be dragged.

The (divided) or (slash) key on the NumPad can't be properly assigned, it jumps to chat.

EDIT: It's on my end. lol The Windows key doesn't work, Alt tab does though. Dang new keyboard has different modes and were set so gaming mode 2 apparently, I blame the cat.

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