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# 1 Overall Romulan Thoughts
04-19-2013, 12:30 AM
Having just finished the Crateris mission, I've got a few thoughts so far:

1. These missions have some of the best writing in the game. I like that I'm being encouraged to care about my bridge officers - they have personalities. It's a little worrisome that everyone will be running around with the same BOffs, but that's a tradeoff I, for one, am willing to make.

2. How are Romulans supposed to craft? I've yet to see an anomaly on any of these missions, and I've scanned at least once in each zone. Are anomalies going to be added later, or is the entire Romulan leveling progression going to be... well, just like most of the game's other really well-written missions... and utterly lack for them? How are Romulans supposed to get money and contribute anomalies to fleet projects without anomalies showing up in their missions?

3. Is Veril the first named female Reman NPC in the game? I like her.

4. The ship designs for the Elachi are kind of neat. So's their ground design... I kind of feel like I'm fighting Reaper forces. The little spiderbots, in particular, make me think of Swarmers.

I'll add more as I play.

EDIT: When I blow up the rock on New Romulus, why does my plasma rifle shoot a phaser beam?

Adding more:

1. I allied with the KDF and got their transporter animation. Not a fan, though it would be awesome if I got the transporter animation of whatever faction my ship is from.

2. I like that I have Romulan story missions and Klingon side missions, but couldn't it use my KDF BOffs for dialogue in the KDF missions? Having my Romulan XO yelling "Qa'pla!" all over the place is... kind of weird.

3. I love both Warbirds I've flown so far, and the Singularity mechanic is a blast.

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