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I'm completing Temporal Ambassador for the Romulan side, and I'm using this to provide feedback. Before the temporal shift occurs, shouldn't one of the ships that appears for a second from a portal be a 22nd century warbird instead of a d7 cruiser? The second issue is the bridge officer you meet in the mess has my sci officers name tag, but when I talk to it, the name plate in the conversation is that of the Nausicaan boff I got when I aligned with the Klingons. The same thing happens with the Boff in the barracks. I do like that I get to see Obisek create the diversion though. When I talk to the Wisest Tribble, as I am Romulan, it shouldn't try to hide like I'm a Klingon. Other than that, I like that I receive my ally's cruiser variant.

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