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Here is the feedback for my playthrough of the Romulan story line so far. I like it, there are a few grammatical errors I have come across so far, but nothing major. Sentences that don't make much sense in dialogue currently, etc. One of my science officers, Satra, her space abilities quit working after the patch tonight, and nothing I've tried so far has fixed it. I really love the new LCARS UI, real smooth and true to Trek. Only thing I would ask for is a separate slider for it in the graphics tab to turn down its brightness only as it is a little hard on the eyse, but turning down brightness overall makes it hard to see the game. Also to do with the HUD/UI, please change the Bridge Officers Tray back to the way it is on holodeck. I'm not a fan of my bridge officers crawling up my screen and having to constantly move HUD item Big Tray #1. I don't have any specific pictures of it, but there is some minor clipping issues on uniforms for females, and when I was trying to work on the uniforms of new bridge officers, I was having trouble setting colors. The colors of all the uniform pieces tried to match even if I did not want them to(happens on holodeck too, plz fix.) As far as mission rewards go, plz add in ship shield rewards that have a 5% absorption and 5% bleedthrough. Limiting players to shields that only have 10% bleedthrough makes it a little tough, especially in massive groups of enemies. Please make it so we can change the uniforms of the first three bridge officers we get. I understand that the Romulans we play are refugees, but I would like to have a matching bridge crew. Please, Please have a ground battle where we get to destroy an Elachi Walker. That would be cool. Other than that, keep up the good work on the Rom story line and I'm looking forward to being able to advance in the Rom storyline.

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