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04-19-2013, 09:41 PM
Post away please
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04-19-2013, 10:08 PM
Has any one else noticed the rather large "door" on the aft ventral hull?

As a time traveller, Am I supposed to pack underwear or underwhen?

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04-19-2013, 11:22 PM

That link is to a text file with the stars for the standard typhon, a fleet version, the special console, its default fighters (the valkyrie), and two other fighter types along with advanced and elite versions of all of them. Images are included for the Typhon herself, what the Typhon looks like in fortress mode (as well as a size comparison to a Sovereign-class cruiser), and pictures of all the fighters.

Notes: Yes, I am aware of the fact the the image for the gryphon says its a scarab and vise versa... the descriptions of the fighters from Memory Beta match the images and Ive matched them to the name of the fighter.

Gryphon looks like a Sabre. Scarab looks like a Defiant. No... they are not as large as those starships. They are fighter sized.

I played around with limiting the Typhon to only be allowed to mount turrets, as it only mounted Pulse phaser turrets in Invasion, but didnt go with that idea.

The carriers otherwise subpar (when compared to other larger 2 hangar bay carriers) stats (crew, hull, shielding, etc.) are balanced with its very large selection of fighters, 4 of which can only be mounted by the Typhon herself. This large selection of fighters allows the Typhon to fulfill a large variety of roles on the battlefield. The carriers comes with the Mk 1 Valkyrie fighters, and the Mk 2, Mk 3, Orca, Gryphon, and Scarab fighters may be purchased from the applicable store.
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04-19-2013, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Has any one else noticed the rather large "door" on the aft ventral hull?

That's the warp core eject port, a lot of Starfleet ships have such doors in a similar location and they are usually for dumping the warp core or antimatter pods in an emergency.

To the OP that design is beautiful but are the dual hulls necessary? A single hull enclosing 2 stacked open flight tunnels might be a bit better with the current deflector divided in the center in a <=> configuration with an enlarged engineering hull that keeps the dual neck dorsal pylons appearance of the Odyssey. I do like that design though and would love to see more Odyssey variants.
I do get that people don't think the Federation needs another carrier but it would be nice if it had at least one full 2 hanger carrier that follows Starfleet designs. Personally I don't particularly care for the appearance of the Atrox, it looks too much like a Ferenghi design, the Dominion ships are useable by any faction but look more like something that the Klingons or Romulans would have, the Armitage and Vesta are only light carriers and although the Akira is supposed to be a light carrier it isn't used as such in this game.

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04-20-2013, 12:12 PM
I went a split secondary hull (stardrive section) so the design would look different. There is a game called Star Fleet Battles that I play. It was converted in to a computer game Star Trek: Star Fleet Command. The Heavy Carriers for the Federation in these two games is a single hull design and is what they refer to as a "flat bed" design hull. I wanted to go away from the concept of a "flat bed-type" hull. The design I did has a total of eight hanger doors that is dedicated to the launching and landing of the ships fighters and shuttles.
I dropped the nacelles in to a downward design to allow for the launching of the fighters off the sides of the starship and not allow them to run in to the nacelle struts. The split stardrive hull also keeps with the Odyssey's split dorsal, but I decided that the Sojourn using the advanced Quantum Slipstream effect of the Odyssey would be to much. This is the reason for the Quantum Warp Core.
I gave the ship the ability to launch the Aquarius Destroyer because it is a small ship and this will place the Sojourn in the classification with the Vo'quv and the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier. Two starships that is also capable of carrying a small warship. You as the player has to decide rather to use fighters or the Aquarius. If the game allows this starship. You'll have to pay Dilithium to obtain a very rare Peregrine fighter or a very rare Aquarius hanger pet (the one on the Odyssey won't work on the Sojourn, nor will any of the Odyssey's other unique consoles). My son, Son-in-law and myself sat around and talked about this. We decided that the Sojourn was already powerful enough, and giving it the ability to use the Odyssey's unique consoles would make the ship over powering.
The Sojourn already has 6 weapon (3 forward and 3 aft), 10 console slots, 4 hanger slots and 6 Boff positions (2 of which is universal). I feel that the Sojourn is a nice Fleet Carrier that fills the role nicely.
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04-20-2013, 05:48 PM
While i think your ideas are very well thought out and good. I am a hardcore Atrox pilot. I would much prefer the developers to rework the Atrox. She was built to be a carrier by the Caitan. Yet every other carrier in the game is better in every way. Universal slots, more weapons, frigate class fighters, everything. Lets push the devs to give us a fleet variant of teh Atrox or just an overhaul.
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04-20-2013, 06:49 PM
The Atrox is a racial starship. When the Federation became the Federation, individual racial starships was placed in to planetary defense (militia) of the Federation member worlds. Vulcan starships guard Vulcan, Adorian starship guard Andoria and Caitian starships guard Cait. This is the same with Tellerite, or any other member race.
Ships in this militia force was maintained over the years while the majority of UFP funds went in to create the Unified Star Fleet. By the way the U.S.S. on the hulls of Federation starships doesn't stand for United States Ship it stands for United Starship and the NCC mean Naval Construction Contract. The Old Constitution Enterprise was the one thousand seven hundred and first (NCC-1701) starship to be contracted to be built for the United Federaiton of Planets Star Fleet Command.
It was first command by Robert April, then Christopher Pike, then James T. Kirk, then William Decker, then Spock, then James T. Kirk.
The role of Robert Apirl was to be played by James Doohan, but Paramount didn't like the pilot. It was rewritten with Pike in command. Again it wasn't liked so it was redone, but with Kirk in command.

I would like to see a Fleet variant of the Atrox done, but I think the Federation needs its own pure Federation design. The KDF has both Orion and Klingon carriers, so why shouldn't the Federation.
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04-20-2013, 07:15 PM
Huhuh, that starship needs a secondary hull brassiere... Can we redraw that please?
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04-22-2013, 02:20 PM
I would love to see the OP ship redrawn with a single deflector mounted on it's own small hull section like the Federation Dreadnaught carrier from the computer game Star Fleet Command 2. That would make a beautiful ship IMO.



(the bottom shot isn't the best, but it's a beautiful ship if you can captain one)
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04-22-2013, 02:30 PM
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