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# 1 Ship interior
04-19-2013, 11:41 PM
Windows: all windows inside my ship that should be looking out into space have a just a blank black screen with no stars or anything.

Trophies: In the captain's ready room and the lounge, there appears to be no trophy shelves or floor display locations anywhere. This is my first ship I start with, T'liss light warbird.

Doff assignments: I don't have access to the duty officer system yet. On the bridge in the back on the left side, when facing the viewscreen, there is a lit up console for "Contact Duty Officers". Shouldn't the console on the desk in the ready room connected to the bridge have this? it does on most other ship interiors.

Going throughout the ship, in sickbay, engineering, etc., there seems to be no NPCs to talk to for doff assignments. Not sure if they do that after unlocking the doff system or not.
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