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(sorry for my english)

I create my first character yesterday april 19 , 2013 after receive the email.
I played some hours and my character is level 6 but i wish to share my experience now :

First : when i create my char , i had some problem for zooming my character but it seem this problem is solved .

- All news things in STO make me happy and there are some news things but one exception :
The new UI .
I do not feeling a great benefice with this new interface and think icons are less visible but it could be a subjective feeling.

I appreciate the first immersion in the romulan story and my first feeling was good (I always played Klingon side with my loving B'rel retrofit).

I was surprised with the lack of voices and cinematics : the mission box are a little "sad"
- lack of voices and new UI give a "sad" feeling .

I love this new ship T'liss and love this new singularity things : it is fun and hope usefull after.
Thanks for the T'varo because that is exactly i 'd wait with this faction.

Hope this could be help

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