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# 1 Legacy of Romulus Feedback
04-20-2013, 04:37 AM
First of all the new environments look gorgeous. That is every interior and exterior even the blow up animation. Same goes for the new LCARS UI. You did a fantastic job! The Storyline was awesome and went smooth without major glitches. But since this is a Beta Test, here is a list of minor errors:

- Turning Point
-- Optional Goal will not resolve
- The Price of Neutrality
-- Investigate Cargo should have a counter (0/3)
-- Lotrix will triggerpiont seems too small, needed to run around abit
- Tradecraft
-- Map on the Freigher is just a big brown box
- Enemy Action
-- Typo: Khimek is spelled Khamek on the Button
- Sleepers / Temporal Ambassador
-- Boff Assignment was gone after Beam Up
- General
-- Doff Windows: Green (Romulan Style) border makes it hard to spot Uncommon Doffs
-- New Romulus Command Center: Toon gets stuck on the Stairwell on the way up
-- Plot a Course Button in Sector Space often runs the ship in Circles or ends up at the border.
-- Promotion Subcommander wont resolve, but that may be intentional?

As you can see, there are no major issues, I really enjoyed playing through gorgeous levels. Thanks for inviting me to the closed beta and keep up the good work!

- Tobias

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