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04-20-2013, 09:23 AM
In "Price of Neutrality", the final encounter with the colony leader should come up as a contact instead of him just standing and calling out. The first time I played the mission, I was exploring all the nooks and crannies of the area and I didn't even realize he was actually talking to me instead of rambling idly like a lot of NPCs do.
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04-20-2013, 09:29 AM
price of neutralitry was fun and i loved hiding my minions in the snow and have them burst out to aid you in a difficult fight shame they could not stick around for the reman captain though still was a fun mission never the less
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04-20-2013, 09:37 AM
>>> assignment of Department Heads is not available with Romulan starting Boffs

Or any Romulan Boffs.

Things definitly get kind of strange after you are allied. On the KDF side, I got access to the KDF tutorials, and I was suddenly refered to as a Klingon in all cases. On a side note, it is a bummer I can't put all my BO's in my Rom/KDF uniforms. (And btw, why are there such uniforms? From a story p.o.v. I mean.)
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04-20-2013, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by superherofan View Post
"Tradecraft" feedback:

3) The dialogue said there would be a Starfleet ships coming to the rescue in the final space battle but it looked like it was all Romulans.
they say that the Feds are "decloaking". Feds dont use cloaks. And it was Republic ships.
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04-20-2013, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Just hit Centurion (11) and was congratulated by Spock as a lieutenant commander... there was I thinking I was a Romulan Republic Centurion... This needs to change.

I also noticed that my warp trails out of the Donatu system were blue, I'm flying a Rommie ship not a fed one, again this has to change
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04-20-2013, 12:09 PM
For a mission called "Smash and Grab", attacking a ship convoy that turns out to be full of weapons and equipment, there's a whole lot of smashing and grabbing that doesn't happen.

This would be an ideal point to throw out the entire range of basic level-appropriate gear in crates, to make sure the player and their officers are using decent stuff.
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04-20-2013, 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by grnlbrtnfrnt View Post
they say that the Feds are "decloaking". Feds dont use cloaks. And it was Republic ships.
Look closer. There are defiants in the group.
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04-20-2013, 12:59 PM
During the section "RSVP" of "Tradecraft", when I first arrive into the system the music being played is a tense, lurky piece. And then when I fly into range of the listening post, the music immediately does the small fanfare for mission success. Kind of kills the mood.

Final battle of Tradecraft... Damn that's a lot of ships! But the big bad boss died basically as collateral damage in the massive opening exchange. Kind of anti-climactic. I think you'd get more storytelling bang for your buck if you made the fight somewhat smaller (why would the Tal Shiar bring more than 4 or 5 ships, one of them a D'deridex, to apprehend 2 criminals?) but then made the boss significantly tougher so that your little fleet had to actually pound on it for a bit.

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04-20-2013, 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
Yeah. A plasma DC and DHC would be much more appropriate for the warbird you have at that level.
personally I didn't mind getting kdf disruptor weapons for my ship. they are more romulan like. I would have been pretty put off by getting phaser weps tho. didn't like getting kdf ground weapons.

I did not like getting an orion boff either. it just didn't feel right. personally I thought while playing that i'd recruit a suliban boff. or have 1 as an option from that cool mission. if I was too have a non romulan/reman boff I felt that would have been better. no ties to the other factions and very close to romulan territory. well just an idea.
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04-20-2013, 02:51 PM
All in all a good story arc with few bugs, and I enjoyed it! Here are my notes from the
first play-through

Stepping In

The mission itself went smoothly, but I noticed a few spelling errors in ops messages. The bridge officer talking after warping into the Donatu system says "Also the gases in the debris field will cause some fluxuations in our shields, to compisate while inside we won't be able to go to full impulse." This should be corrected to "fluctuations" and "compensate" - and perhaps rework that sentence a bit since it sounds rather wonky. The tactical officer also says "fluxuations" in the tactical report. In the last ops message, my bridge officer says "We've stop thier salavaging operations sir, we need to report what we've seen here" - definitely needs to be cleaned up!

The Price of Neutrality

At the beam-in point in the colony there are a bunch of colonists just wandering aimlessly around in the snow, maybe give them something to do/let them talk to each other etc? Also, since Lotrix beams out while behind my character, it is easy to miss that he says something and then disappears.

Nice trick to have us use a bridge officer to block the camera! One of the Hirogen outside the warehouse says "This colony belongs to the Federation!" - why would he say that?

When Lotrix died, he and his guards turned a glowing, transparent pink - he was lying down while the guards were standing. When I talked to him, he suddenly got up and ran several meters away before he laid down again. When I chose to transport him to sickbay, he became normal-coloured and solid again.

Captain Harvson, while hailing me after the battle, says "I might just take some the credit for myself!". Afterwards, when talking to Tovan about Charva, his background changes from the bridge to simple black. His name is also given as that of my science officer.

Memory Lane

What, we are suddenly hailing Charva now? In the previous mission it seemed we were going to wait for her to make a move or something.

Interesting to fight a Romulan captain allied with the other faction, although it does make it feel more like I am a Romulan in Starfleet, rather than in the Romulan Republic. In this particular mission I can understand it though - we were acting in secret on a not-to-trustworthy tip, because we are suspicious of the Republic. But I would like to avoid this kind of situation.

Smash and Grab

The transport escort groups are perhaps a bit too close to each other - I aggroed both groups at once and it made for a more interesting fight than I think was intended.


Nice with a mission that utilizes the ship interior, but you need to add info on how to enter your ship - I do not believe that a new player knows how to do this at this point?

I chose the wrong option on the first discrepancy in the Virinat file (crates with weapons, supposed to be changed to ship parts, but I chose medical supplies) - when I corrected this, the two other discrepancies were also automatically changed to the right wording. The Kinkuthanza file also automatically changed two wordings. I do not know if this is intended or not? Typo: When Commander Tal'Mera provides context for the Virinat file, she says "retailiate" instead of "retaliate".

When using the "plot a course to.."-button to go the Azha system, it took me back to Drozana.
The images on the viewscreen (?) in the listening post look very static. During the last cutscene, Thovan says "..we couldn't to convince her.."
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