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04-20-2013, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by hypl View Post
I love it when people are angry at or jealous of my level of fun. Just some notable examples over the years:

"That's not an optimal build for endgame! Why does he fly a ship like that!? It's not right! He plays differently than I do! I must make it my business and tell him he plays the game wrong!"

"You're a tactical officer flying a cruiser, instead of a l33t bugship like I do! I will hound you until you acknowledge that I am right and you are wrong and you go buy a bugship to be l33t like me!"

"That is not a proper faction uniform! Adhere to canon or DIE!"

"You're a Fed not using phasers! Adhere to canon or DIE!"

"You are different than I am and do not play this game in a proper Star Trek fashion! Adhere to canon or DIE!"

"...Adhere to canon or DIE!"
We take canon seriously around here.

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