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04-20-2013, 04:48 PM
An Inside Job: Storywise this felt pretty weak in setting up the rest of the arc.

Enemy Action: I find it silly that the Tal Shiar would be so gullible to trust someone that easily. Even if you had credentials, they would be watching you like a hawk. Instead, they are "oh okay, go on then". And not even question the interrogation.

And them not detecting the Federation attack, and then they suddenly show up?

Sleepers: I'm skeptical they would let you on Borg salvage run even if they were putting you at arms length. And you blowing up things without the Borg awakening?

And why are these STO Borg? Isn't these events before Vega? So they should be TNG Borg.

Only thing interesting is the hole in the cube caused by "Species 23", which there is nothing following up on that mystery. It's another "it happened" things.

(BTW, Romulan BOFFs should get Polarized Hull by Default to combat Borg and D'Deridex Tractor Beams.)

Cloak and Dagger: Can't help but to think it was silly it played out. Their sensor nets didn't detect the attack, but we had to disable it, for what purpose? Would've made sense a small team ahead of the attacking fleet to disable it.

The attack itself wasn't baddly played out. But some of those shuttles clipped into the terrain and that would've been a death sentence.

Fighting in space, felt disadvantageous.

Revelation: Felt like being on the Iconia mission, but I really didn't get the feel that it explained the destruction of the homeworld. It was more like Taris going, "Not my fault! I didn't mean for it to happen!"

And doesn't mesh with the Federation version. So Taris messed with something she didn't know that just so happened to work with the sun, but Hakeev knew and they he got away with the murder of billions of people?

And why was Taris attacked?

Why did Taris make like she didn't care in the Federation version?

From a story standpoint, this was extremely weak in explaination.

Mind Game: Okay, we shown up on Hakeev's bridge, which we supposed to be acting as a Tal Shiar agent, but Hakeev throws us in jail. (Guess he remembered our face). But instead of interogating us for information, he and Sela Brainwash us?

Storywise this really made no sense.

Personally, it would've been nice if this played out for an episode or two where you are operating as a Tal Shiar agent doing wrong and when you finally snap out of it, you fully grasp the means the Tal Shiar and iron your determination to stop them.

Also still doesn't make any sense that Sela hated the Tal Shiar, but are working with them? What is with that?

Now playwise, I thought it was interesting. Though thought the decisions you made would've helped you snap out of it, but seemed no matter what it was futile and you ended up brainwashed anyhow. Would've been nice if there was a branching system that had different consequences.

So when it comes to release, people will just end up spamming red choices to get it over with faster.

Temporal Ambassador - Romulan Version:

Just don't understand that Tasha, Castilo, even T'nae are so trusting of a Romulan given the past.

But was interesting Obisek was not selectable and had some very powerful lines. Between him, Shan, and B'vat, Obisek's lines were far more powerful and emotional. (Obisek's VO really did a great job with that).

All in all, the Third Arc was better than the Second, but there just too many storyline holes that makes little sense of the situation. All we learn is Tal Shiar bad, Republic good.

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