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The bridge officer requisition officer in the flotilla is bugged. If you walk up to her and interact, then say to recruit officers, it'll bring you to the screen where you can buy new officers with dilithium like normal. But if you push cancel while standing right there, it'll take you back a step to her greeting you once more and letting you know you can recruit new officers there.

Now, if you're back on the screen where you can buy the officers, then you step away from Teelis, cancel button doesn't respond at all. And the only way to make the popup go away is to exit out with the top-right button.

[unrelated bug]Creating a new character, I inputted full name data, first and last, to be specific. Skipping the tutorial (That may or may not be the problem), I finally noticed that the information didn't carry through. Attempt to reenter the information made the game want to charge me for the change, meaning it knew I put in information in the first place (I think), but doesn't want to hold the information I put in.

Switching to a new character, rich enough to afford change in the formal name, the inputted information seemed to have held through, so perhaps it's only during initial creation of the character.[/unrelated bug]

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