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On one character I own a Jem'hadar Dreadnaught. I've got mine outfitted with dual photon torpedo tubes, 3 projectile officers, and 2 copies of Torpedo Spread 2. It's a ship that can do tremendous damage to everything in front of it even before you consider the dozen elite scorpions.

On another character I own a Recluse. It's outfitted primarily as a drain boat, with two copies of E-Siphon 2. I run it at all aux power all the time, and my heals are...effective. My pets are one hangar of elite scorpions for the damage and the other bay as advanced mesh weavers for the debuffs.

In both cases we are dealing with very big, very slow, ships that demonstrate extreme firepower. They don't retreat. They don't cry for mercy. The Dreadnaught takes the front and bulldozes into the enemy taking all the enemy fire with its endurance, while the Recluse sits in the back debuffing and supporting and laughing at anything that tries distract it.

But these aren't cruisers. They're carriers. They're both KDF carriers, in fact. So why are they better cruisers than cruisers are?

For one thing, they have hangar pets. Half of their firepower is autonomously controlled and engages in 360 degrees. The fact that these are slow ships is basically irrelevant because their performance is not wholly reliant on being in any particular orientation or distance to the enemy.

Because they have hangar pets, both of these ships can freely apply their power to other areas than their guns. Throwing 100% power into auxiliary or shields on a carrier doesn't take you out of the fight, it just means you're doing less damage.

And lastly, because these are KDF carriers, they can use the plasmonic leech. I don't think everybody really appreciates how much of a game-changer this is. The dreadnaught gets +10 power to everything, the Recluse with its focus on flow capacitors gets +15 to everything. And then it turns on Energy Siphon and gets something like +40 to everything most of the time. As somebody on the forum once said, "power is your ship's life blood". The more you have, the better off you are. Running higher power in general improves every area of performance.

So yeah. Just thought I'd share my experience. To me, the ships that best serve as your formation leader slamming into the enemy, and the ships that provide relevant healing support from the back line, are not the "cruisers".... The carriers are your real cruisers.


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